Fibre Channel Protocol Isn't Going Anywhere

It appears that Brocade’s bet on 16 Gbps fibre channel technology in the Brocade DCX line is paying off. According to some industry analysts and market research firms like Wikibon and Dell’Oro, the fibre channel protocol is here to stay.


Fibre Channel Gets Boost from Brocade DCX

The fibre channel protocol continues to flourish, benefitting from Brocade’s investment in 16 Gbps technology with its latest line of directors and switches. Brocade owes almost 30% of its 4Q11 sales to 16 Gbps fibre channel directors and switches like the Brocade DCX 8510.

Despite predictions that fibre channel would be surpassed by other networking technologies, the tried-and-true protocol is expected to dominate the storage industry for at least another two years.

In fact, fibre channel technology saw 13% growth in the fourth quarter of 2011, thanks in part to the launch of Brocade DCX directors, switches, and other 16 Gbps fibre channel hardware.

Fibre Channel Still Reigns

Stuart Miniman, a principal research contributor at Wikibon, told that fibre channel technology is a safe, rock-solid solution that users trust.

Casey Quillin, a senior analyst at Dell’Oro Group, says that he expects fibre channel (FC) protocol to continue to be the primary choice for SAN environments. He believes that fibre channel provides the efficiency, security, and speed that users need for their enterprise storage environments.

Dell’Oro Group predicts that Fibre Channel technology will experience growth rates of 3% for the next five years before it begins to slow down.

Possible Protocol Change Could Take Years

Stuart Miniman also says that changing protocols in an enterprise IT shop is a process that takes years, and he doubts that fibre channel will quickly be replaced by FCoE or iSCSI any time soon.

He indicates that fibre channel protocol would remain part of the IT environment because “customers aren’t looking to rip everything out and change their protocols.” He states that many users are resistant to change because they are already confident in the performance of Fibre Channel hardware.*

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