countdown to netapp end of support eos

In a previous blog, “What End of Availability Means for Your NetApp Equipment” we discussed one of NetApp’s product lifecycle milestones and the implications it will have on your equipment. Now, we are going to take a deeper look into another NetApp milestone. We’re going to discuss what End of Support (EOS) means for your IT infrastructure.


End of Support

EOS, or End of Support, is the date after which NetApp will no longer support the hardware or software for a product after it has been declared EOA.

The EOS date is usually of most concern to NetApp end users because this is when primary and extended support will no longer be offered.


The clock is ticking once NetApp announces that your piece of equipment will go End of Support. So you have a choice to make. At this point, support options from NetApp will be scarce so either you’ll follow NetApp’s upgrade cycle and buy a new system, or you reclaim power from the OEM and continue to support your current system with an independent vendor.

How Can Third Party Support Help

If you choose the second option you will need to find an alternative maintenance provider. This is a good time to look at independent support options. There are a great deal of benefits when choosing third party support over OEM maintenance.

Breaking the 5 Year Refresh Cycle

End of Support doesn’t have to be the end of your equipment. Reclaim power from the OEM by breaking the 5 year refresh cycle. Third party support allows you to continue supporting your NetApp hardware well after the OEM declares it EOS.

Increases Return on Investment (ROI)

The longer you continue to support your NetApp hardware, the greater your ROI. Extending the life of your storage system allows you to get more value than you would if you upgraded to the latest NetApp hardware.

30%-70% Savings off NetApp Support Costs

As a third party support provider for over 2,000 customers, Reliant Technology can offer support at a fraction of NetApp maintenance costs while providing the same (or better!) service.

How Do I Renew Support for my EOS NetApp Equipment?

If you decide to forego the hardware refresh and continue to support your NetApp hardware, you’ll need to reach out to a third party support vendor. Here at Reliant, we take a customer centered approach to maintenance and support. We learn about your environment and craft a support solution that meets your specific needs. To learn more about our NetApp post-warranty support, SLAs, features, & more, contact one of our dedicated NetApp specialists.