End-of-Life Cisco MDS Switch

If your CISCO MDS switch is End-of-Life, End-of-Sale, or just plain old, it’s important to understand your options at each phase of the product life cycle before you agree to a manufacturer upgrade.

Understanding the Product Life Cycle of Your CISCO MDS Switch

Enterprises with older or end-of-life switching infrastructure should evaluate all options before performing a rip-and-replace upgrade.

End-of-Sale (EOS): Approximately one year after the End-of-Life announcement, Cisco will use the End-of-Sale label to indicate that they will no longer sell the hardware. While it will no longer be sold by the manufacturer, an EOS switch may still be eligible for maintenance contracts from the manufacturer and third party maintenance providers.

If an enterprise needs to purchase an End-of-Sale CISCO MDS switch, the hardware is often widely available on the used market from alternative data storage providers who will continue to sell the hardware for years to come.

End-of-Service: When the product reaches End-of-Service, Cisco will no longer sell or support the switch. Oftentimes, End-of Service can come in two phases. Existing hardware maintenance contracts from the manufacturer can be renewed in the End of New Service phase but new maintenance contracts for the product will not be offered.

After the End of Contract Renewal date, it will not be possible to get hardware support from the manufacturer. If an enterprise would like to maintain their switching infrastructure, the enterprise should seek out a reliable third-party maintenance provider who will continue to maintain and support the CISCO MDS switch until it no longer meets the needs of the enterprise.

End-of-Life (EOL): After the End-of-Life date, Cisco will end all service and support for the product. While manufacturers will promote the risks of End-of-Life hardware, Cisco products are designed with product durability in mind and can last years after the EOL announcement.

Although the manufacturer will not support this product, Reliant Technology and other alternative storage vendors will continue to sell, support, and maintain CISCO MDS switches and hardware that have been declared End-of-Life.

Enterprises can take control and extend their hardware lifecycle with alternative maintenance and data storage solutions from unbiased, third-party storage vendors like Reliant Technology.

Interested in extending the life cycle of your Cisco MDS switch? Reliant's storage experts can help you extend the life of your Cisco hardware with maintenance, support, and replacement parts. Talk to a dedicated Reliant Storage Specialist today.