Revenue Increase

This week, EMC has released their third quarter revenue and profit reports, and the results are impressive. EMC experienced record financial results for the third quarter of 2011, despite dreary economic predictions and lackluster economic recovery.

The strong revenue growth has produced an all-time record quarterly consolidated revenue, as well as record third-quarter profit for the company. EMC attributes their success to a strong growth for EMC mid-range storage and increasing popularity of the EMC VNX family of products.

Alongside the EMC VNX Series, Reliable EMC CLARiiON mid-range storage hardware, like the EMC CLARiiON CX4 Series and the older EMC CX3 3 Storage Line, provide dependable, secure and scalable storage solutions for enterprises preparing for data growth. For example, the EMC CLARiiON CX4-240 provides up to 231 TB of capacity and holds up to 250 drives. A used EMC CX4-240 is a cost effective solution for enterprises that demand moderate to heavy transaction processing.

Both new and used EMC products can provide cost effective solutions for enterprises looking to improve or expand upon their data storage solutions. The EMC VNX 5500 provides powerful and agile solutions for enterprises that demand the highest level of efficiency. The EMC VNX 5500 holds up to 250 drives and has a max raw capacity of 480 TB. EMC storage is flexible and growth oriented, and provides multiple solutions for a variety of different needs.

Another area of growth, which EMC noted in its report on Tuesday, is the increased interest in disaster recovery and backup systems. As enterprises create more and more data, they appear to be recognizing the value of that data and are making moves to protect it. Disaster recovery systems can be improved by repurposing your legacy system or through less expensive, used storage solutions.

Are you interested in EMC storage solutions for your enterprise? Talk to a dedicated Reliant Storage Specialist today begin discovering new and used EMC CLARiiON and EMC VNX solutions that meet your business needs without overextending your IT budget. Take comfort in our qualified experts who are trained to ensure you get the right solution the first time around.