Data Storage Rentals – 2 Terms You Need to Know

By Kyle Christopher

This is part 1 of a 3-part series entitled "Data Storage Rentals - Your Growth Options."

Like it or not, your waistline has a tendency to change and, incidentally, so do your data storage needs. Whether you are EMC or NetApp fan, buying tons of storage that you will only use on a short-term basis usually just leaves you with what I will call "Biggest Loser Syndrome." Often you have tons of storage but no use for it long-term.

Usually you are faced with two mediocre options when needing to be flexible with your storage needs. You can either:

1) Not upgrade anything and push your already-limited system to the max or

2) Buy a lot of storage you may not need.

There is a better way. This is where renting EMC or NetApp storage comes into play.

To understand and assess your data storage needs, let us consider the concept of elasticity, a relatively new, but very important, topic. So, let us define some terms once and for all.

Scalability – Scalability refers to the ability of your system to grow to meet demands, but it does not refer to its ability to shrink. Scaling always refers to growth. For example, you may "scale up" or "scale out" but you're unlikely to hear "scale down."

Elasticity – Elasticity refers to the ability of your system to grow as well as shrink on demand to meet your current data storage needs.

If you are a product-oriented business in the IT service industry, your greatest need is for elasticity, not scalability. While the traditional approach might have been to purchase large amounts of storage for a short-term problem, today's budget calls for a better solution. Your business, and therefore your IT department, needs to be agile to adapt to the current market. Overwhelming your current EMC or NetApp system is out of the question. You need more storage. The good news is that you have freedom and flexibility through renting or leasing an entire system, or you may upgrade for as long or as short as you need it.

Consider an EMC or NetApp storage rental from Reliant Technology, and let one of our experienced account managers assess your current needs and advise you on your options.

The next blog in this series will outline the 3 barriers that companies face when it comes to implementing elastic data storage solutions.