Third Party EMC Support for EMC Hardware

Has your EMC CLARiiON array been declared end-of-life? Is your maintenance contract for your EMC array quickly approaching or exceeding your current budget?

Reliant Technology provides EMC support and maintenance contracts that helps customers save up 40% on hardware maintenance contracts that meet or exceed the manufacturer’s service level agreement (SLA).

If you want a simple and affordable way to maintain your used EMC storage array, consider a third-party EMC support and maintenance contract from Reliant Technology.

Benefits of Third-Party EMC Support

Reliant Technology’s responsive account managers and expert technical support can help your enterprise get the third-party support you need for up to 40% less than the traditional OEM.

  • Get Personalized Service. Whether your enterprise is large or small, your storage environment is important. Make sure you get priority and personalized service by using third-party maintenance teams who can respond quickly to keep your EMC SAN environment up and running.
  • Reliant’s third-party maintenance provides responsive storage specialists and expert technical engineers who can help you maintain and support your mission-critical storage environments. Need maintenance for an EMC CLARiiON CX300? Reliant can tailor your support contract to fit both your EMC support needs as well as your budget.

  • 24x7x365 EMC Support Contracts. Whether you need 24-hour support or next-business day shipping, third-party maintenance can meet and exceed your support and maintenance needs. If an EMC SATA drive fails or you need a replacement EMC DAE, Reliant can provide same day response, next business day delivery, 4-hour response, and 24-hour support that fits your needs and your budget constraints.
  • Accelerated Support Solutions. Reliant Technology can provide On-Site Spare Kits to quickly get your EMC storage environment running immediately after a failure occurs. Instead of waiting hours or even days for replacement parts, Reliant Technology provides a solution to get your environment up and running in as little as 15 minutes.
  • You can breathe easier knowing your On-Site Spare Kit will help you quickly recover from the typical failures that occur in the data center. By providing this service, Reliant Technology third-party maintenance meets and often exceeds the service level agreements of many hardware manufacturers.

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Want to learn more about third party maintenance for EMC storage hardware? Talk to a dedicated Reliant Storage Specialist today to get the expert advice you want and the cost savings your enterprise needs.