EMC FAST Helps Reduce Costs

Due in part to its cost-saving benefits, EMC FAST is one of the top data storage software products from EMC. Since the product launched in 2010, FAST has shipped with over 1,000,000 terabytes of EMC storage and has experienced rapid growth.

EMC FAST is storage software that automatically tiers data to help enterprises save money, reduce their environmental footprint, and eliminate hours of manual storage administration.

EMC FAST Reduces Costs:

EMC FAST uses automatic tiering and a variety of EMC drives to optimize performance while reducing costs.

  • EMC FAST places frequently used data on high performance EMC drives like solid-state and EMC fibre channel, while moving less-frequently used data to affordable EMC SATA drives. By allocating data to storage tiers, enterprises can reduce the disk capacity costs and use their current capacity more effectively.
  • Since data is tiered automatically, storage administrators are able to reduce operational costs associated with manual tiering. Since 2010, FAST has helped users eliminate over 20 million hours of manual administration.

EMC FAST Reduces Environmental Footprint:

EMC FAST helps enterprises to consolidate their capacity needs into smaller storage environments. Using fewer, high-capacity drives helps reduce power and cooling costs, while consolidation can help enterprises save power and reduce their data center footprint.

  • Since 2010, the EMC storage software has helped enterprises reduce their storage systems space requirements by 19,200 feet (equal to the length of 64 football fields).
  • EMC FAST helped enterprises save enough power to operate 15.2 million iPads per year.

EMC Storage Software Spurs Growth:

EMC FAST has experienced rapid growth since its release in 2010, but it has also stimulated growth of other EMC storage hardware.

  • The implementation of FAST has contributed to the growth of solid state drives. As a result, EMC shipped over 24 petabytes of solid state capacity in 2011.
  • In 2011, EMC experienced 8 times the growth of solid state drives that the enterprise experienced in 2009.

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