Big Data Growth

EMC President Pat Gelsinger proclaimed “Big Data” to be a $70 billion industry with annual industry growth potential expected to reach 15% to 20%. Storage vendors are excitedly poised to provide combinations of NetApp, IBM and EMC storage hardware, software and implementation solutions that will help enterprises manage these large amounts of data.

Impact of Public and Private Clouds

So what exactly is “big data,” if not just a marketing buzzword for large data storage companies to throw around? Cloud-based service providers like Youtube, Facebook, and Netflix have ushered in the Big Data movement. These cloud providers focus their energy on gathering and organizing large quantities of digital content to deliver to the public, and are building out massive data storage environments as they accommodate greater amounts of data and expand their services.

Other cloud-based service providers, including and Amazon web services, are creating IT infrastructure ‘as a service’ and, meanwhile, creating massive amounts of data to be highly available and backed up for customers.

Cloud-based service providers are predicted to increase spending on storage by 24% annually from 2010 to 2015, which will provide an opportunity for vendors to distribute EMC storage, NetApp storage and IBM storage hardware as part of their Big Data storage solutions.

Both public and private cloud storage are predicted to grow consistently for the next 5 years. Private cloud, deployed by enterprises for internal applications and content, are expected to see 30% growth annually from 2010 to 2015 and EMC is preparing to ensure that as many private and public clouds as possible are built on EMC storage.

Data As Big Problem, or Big Opportunity?

Although Big Data is presently getting mainstream attention, data growth is not a new topic. Exponential data growth has become a popular topic with the advent of cloud storage solutions, both as a big challenge and a big opportunity for enterprise IT.

NetApp, IBM, and EMC storage solutions are positioning themselves to arm as many customers as possible tackle the data challenges ahead. Storage vendors are prepared to provide enterprises with improved big data analytics, which may provide greater insight for enterprises looking to decipher consumer or industry trends in large amounts of data.

For example, EMC’s acquisition of Greenplum will combine state-of-the-art EMC storage hardware with software that provides big data analytics. HP, similarly, has moved to purchase Autonomy, an enterprise data handler which will improve HP data services.

In place of a big problem, storage vendors are seeing a big opportunity to provide greater services and storage solutions to enterprises through a variety of hardware and software solutions.

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