EMC VNX 7500

EMC released two important upgrades to the EMC VNX family, Computerworld reported on October 20th. The upgrades include an option to accommodate more solid state drives, as well as a high-bandwidth option that can improve performance by up to 50%. Although the original VNX array had optional solid state drives (SSD), the upgraded VNX model can now operate as an all solid state drive machine, and it will include more SSD slots than the previous version.


High-bandwidth options will also be available on EMC storage models, the VNX 5500 and VNX 7500, that will deliver even higher levels of performance. The highbandwidth VNX 7500 is capable of delivering up to 10GB/s read and up to 7.5 GB/s write performance.

Computerworld says that these high bandwidth options are created for Microsoft and Oracle data warehousing applications, seismic exploration for oil and gas, and high end video production. Rich Napolitano, President of EMC’s Unified Storage Division, stated, “Today's news is another calculated move by EMC to deliver customers the technologies they need to do more with less.”

The EMC VNX series:

The EMC VNX series, originally unveiled January 18, 2011, is the most recent generation of midrange EMC storage. The VNX combines power and performance, while remaining efficient, simple and affordable.

Not only is the VNX simple and affordable, it’s also easy to use. To drive that point home during the introduction of the new storage line, EMC asked a 4th grade boy named Edward to configure the data storage system. The boy was able to configure the system with just a few clicks, further demonstrating the ease of installation and configuration.

The EMC VNX is a unified storage platform, meaning that it can access both block and file storage. This makes the VNX line both versatile and flexible, as it can help an enterprise to consolidate block storage, file servers, and DAS applications into a single array. The multi-protocol system enables businesses to grow dynamically and manage their storage in a cost-effective manner. The EMC price range fits a variety of business sizes who are interested in using EMC storage.

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