EMC Price Increase on Hard Drives Is Here to Stay

EMC executives have confirmed that last year’s price increase on all EMC disk drive lines will remain for the majority of 2012.

EMC Price Increase on EMC Disk Drives Here to Stay

The EMC price increase in late 2011 was a response by EMC to the destructive Thailand flooding that began in October and caused worldwide shortages on EMC disk drives.

EMC raised prices 5-15% on all lines of hard drives, including EMC disk drives and VNX disk drives, to handle the high-capacity drive shortages.

During EMC’s earnings call last week, the SAN storage vendor announced that the price increases would remain into late 2012.

The company cited lingering shortages and a struggle to meet demand as the main reasons for the price increase. EMC CFO Dave Goulden said that, while shortages for some drive types have eased, shortages remain for high-capacity nearline drives.

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