EMC Drives

Choosing the correct drives for your EMC SAN storage environment can present a few challenges. When faced with SAS, SATA and Solid-State drives, what are the benefits and costs of choosing a Fibre Channel hard drive?

Focusing on your budget, performance and capacity requirements can help you decide if Fibre Channel drives, like Fibre Channel EMC drives, are right for your storage environment.

Budget Friendly:

How much of your budget is allocated to purchasing drives? If price is a critical factor in your Tier 1 storage, choosing used EMC Fibre Channel drives may be a viable decision for your enterprise. Used EMC Fibre Channel Drives provide high performance data storage, and can provide significant cost savings over expensive solid-state drives.

A sometimes cost-prohibitive option for high performance storage, solid-state drives (SSDs) offer lightning fast response time but can cost up to 10 times more than Fibre Channel drives, according to recent study by Computerworld.* EMC Fibre Channel drives costs can vary, as they are available from reliable storage vendors in both new and used condition.

Impressive Performance:

What level of performance do your enterprise applications and data require? According to a Storage magazine survey, 55% of responding enterprises used Fibre Channel drives for their highest tier storage.

Ideal for Tier 1 storage, Fibre Channel drives are capable of running the most demanding applications with the most intense I/O requirements. Fibre Channel drives provide rapid response time, high-level performance, and block-level data storage for your mission-critical data and applications.

Unlike slower SATA drives, Fibre Channel drives are designed for high performance. Fibre Channel EMC drives spin between 10,000 and 15,000RPM and are significantly smaller than SATA drives, making them an ideal storage target for Tier 1 applications.

Capacity for Demanding Data Requirements:

How much capacity do you need for your environment? Storage magazine reports that 51% of enterprises surveyed stated that their use of disk capacity had ‘room for improvement.’ If you need to improve your environment performance without losing storage capacity, Fibre Channel drives may be the solution you need.

EMC Fibre Channel drives are available in a variety of capacity options, depending on the amount of Tier 1 storage you will need for your data and applications. Yes, smaller drives mean faster response time. However, you don’t want to prioritize performance without taking data growth into consideration. Fibre Channel drives range in size from 73GB to 600GB, providing you with the options you need to meet your performance demands and plan for future data growth.

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To read more about the cost of Solid-State drives, view the Computerworld article here.