Since its announcement in 2010, EMC FAST has been a storage software product of choice for many EMC customers. This is in large part due to the cost-saving benefits. FAST, or Fully Automated Storage Tiering, allows you to prioritize data based on how much it is accessed. So we talked with one of our EMC engineers  to get the full rundown of how EMC storage tiering helps your storage environment.

Outside of the ability to save money, because well, who doesn’t like that? Automated storage tiering helps enterprises reduce their environmental footprint, cut hours of manual storage administration, and increase efficiency in your data center altogether.

EMC FAST Saves You Money

EMC’s automated storage tiering software utilizes a variety of EMC drives to optimize performance while reducing costs . So, what does this mean?

EMC storage tiering places frequently used data on high performance drives like SSD, while moving less-frequently used data to more affordable NL-SAS or SATA drives. FAST allows  data to be allocated to storage tiers  making it easier for storage administrators to use their current capacity more effectively. FAST also cuts operational costs that come with manual data tiering. This means less time dedicated to moving data around which ultimately saves you resources and money that can be put toward more pressing matters. This has been a tremendous help in data centers worldwide by cutting millions of hours in manual storage administration.

Automated Storage Tiering Saves the Environment

Consolidating capacity needs can do wonders for enterprises and the environment as a whole. This is where EMC FAST comes into play.  Using more high-capacity drives causes data centers to consume more power. Enterprises can implement FAST technology to cut down on unnecessary NL-SAS drives to cut their environmental footprint.

Since the data moves from tier to tier automatically enterprises won’t need as many drives which will reduce space needed, power consumption, and cooling costs. Only a year after FAST became available EMC reported that the product had already saved enough power to operate 15.2 million iPads  a year.

EMC FAST Spurs Growth

EMC FAST has proven itself a mainstay in the storage world. This is in large part due to the increasing popularity of SSD drives in data centers.  With that being said, automated storage tiering isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. If by chance you’re struggling with capacity and performance needs in your EMC hardware, we’re bringing you a few storage tiering best practices:

Want to Know More?

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