With IT budgets shrinking and data growth expanding, doing more with the storage resources you already have is more important than ever. Leveraging the benefits of EMC FAST and FAST Cache can help your enterprise improve your EMC CLARiiON array's efficiency and application performance.

FAST Cache for Application Performance

EMC claims that FAST Cache implementation will improve application performance by up to 200%. If your applications are demanding greater levels of performance, consider implementing FAST Cache to optimize your hardware and accelerate your application performance.

  • How does FAST Cache work? By creating a secondary cache with Enterprise Flash drives (also known as solid-state drives), your EMC CLARiiON will experience decreased latency and increased I/O performance. The Enterprise Flash drives (SSDs) provide an I/O cache for the most frequently accessed data, providing Flash drive response speeds every time you access that data.

Designed for random I/O workloads, FAST Cache will also help you manage unexpected spikes or bursts in I/O workload. By placing your frequently accessed files on Flash drives, spikes in application workload will be more easily absorbed and improve your overall application performance.

EMC CLARiiON FAST for Improved Storage Array Efficiency

Using FAST (Fully Automated Storage Tiering) can help your enterprise get the most out of expensive Enterprise Flash drives (SSDs). FAST can help you optimize the storage hardware you already have, saving your IT staff time and money and allowing you to focus on more important tasks.

  • How does EMC FAST work? FAST moves ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ data to more cost-effective drives to increase the efficiency of the disk drives you already have. ‘Hot’ (frequently used) data is moved to Enterprise Flash drives to increase performance and reduce latency, while ‘cold’ (less frequently used) data is moved to higher capacity EMC SATA drives. The automated usage analysis, created by the Unisphere Interface, saves you time by eliminating the manual workload once associated with storage provisioning.

With FAST working for in your EMC storage array, you can store data more efficiently, improve your EMC CLARiiON performance and effectively use those expensive Enterprise Flash drives to improve your I/O performance.

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