Is it time for a new hardware support provider?

We have been in election season for some time now. While political opinions may differ, one thing is for sure, elections are about choices. This is also true for your data center. When it comes to implementing IT strategies you must choose your environment’s tools, platforms, and support vendors wisely. Your data center choices will impact whether or not you meet specific objectives and budget requirements. In the spirit of choosing, we are bringing you 3 instances where it would be beneficial to elect a new hardware support provider.  


Your Hardware Has Reached End-of-Life


There are a few things that happen when your storage hardware reaches a product lifecycle milestone. First, if you are still under contract with the OEM, the price to support your hardware will likely increase. Second, the OEM will recommend a hardware refresh to the latest generation of equipment. The OEM uses EOL milestones as a way to ensure that customers keep buying the newest hardware from them.


This practice doesn’t benefit you as an end-user. Don’t be pressured into an unnecessary hardware refresh, or pay exorbitant prices to renew your current support contract. This is as good a time as any to explore other hardware support options. Third party maintenance vendors are not subject to EOL milestones, so you can continue to support your hardware as long as you need.


You Spend Too Much Time Listening to “On Hold” Music


Like anything else in your data center, quick response times are paramount. So, why wait for your vendor when you have a support question? Many support providers start their support procedures with low-tiered specialists then escalate based on your issue. This means you could be stuck on hold for long periods of time or transferred from person to person.


Doing this will lengthen the time it takes to get an answer for your support question.Does this scenario sound a little too familiar? Minimize data center downtime and cut response times by choosing an independent support vendor.


You Have Hardware From Multiple Vendors


If you are like most IT shops, you more than likely have data storage hardware from multiple OEMs. Which means you probably have multiple support contracts for all your equipment. Juggling different support contracts can be both costly and inconvenient. Instead, choose a support vendor that has engineers that are certified across multiple OEMs. This will allow you to consolidate support contracts and help you minimize administrative hassles while maximizing your IT support budget.


Ready To Elect A New Hardware Support Provider?


As the World’s #1 Reseller of Certified Pre-Owned Storage Hardware & Support, Reliant Technology can help you craft the support solution that meets your specific needs. There’s really no point in being unhappy with your current support provider when there are other options for you that include flexible contracts, OEM certified engineers, and quick response times. For more information on our third party support offerings, reach out to a dedicated support specialist or give us a call at 1.877.227.0828.