discoveriq savingsWe’ve spent close to a decade focused on supporting and sourcing storage, server, and networking hardware at the most competitive prices. What have we learned? The secondary IT hardware market is ripe with options that you may not find when working with the OEM or a VAR.

So we created an easy and time efficient way to bring options to IT professionals that they may not be aware of. To do this, we developed DiscoverIQ - a free analysis process that takes a proactive approach to optimizing your IT infrastructure. This evaluation puts IT decision makers back in control of their data centers by uncovering opportunities for increased savings, performance boosts, and higher usable capacity.

What is DiscoverIQ

DiscoverIQ goes further than providing a spare drive or selling you a certified pre-owned storage array. Similar to an intake form at a doctor’s office, we look at your IT infrastructure as a whole, taking your goals and pain points into account. From there, we make recommendations to meet your IT goals and overcome your frustrations.

How will DiscoverIQ benefit me?

  • DiscoverIQ not only saves you time and money, it becomes a comprehensive roadmap to help navigate future infrastructure growth, hardware maintenance needs, and support renewals. This will allow you to plan for upcoming projects, seasonal requirements, and unforeseen capacity challenges.
  • Make your existing IT budget last longer by receiving storage, server, and networking equipment at a fraction of the cost. We can source data center hardware at a fraction of OEM prices and guarantee that your equipment has been tested and certified.
  • Learn tips and techniques to overcome capacity demands and performance bottlenecks. Drives, disk shelves, and disk array enclosures are all cost effective ways to meet throughput, capacity, and performance needs.
  • Extend the life of your existing server, storage, and networking equipment with third party support. DiscoverIQ will help you plan for support contract renewals. Once we identify contract expiration dates, we can help you transition from OEM maintenance saving you up to 60%.

Want to know more?

Curious about how we uncover opportunities, save you time, and enhance your infrastructure? Learn more about our proven process and some of the other ways it can benefit your environment by visiting our DiscoverIQ page. Ready to start saving? Get started by filling out the online form or give us a call at 1.877.227.0828.