Are the explosive costs in your disaster recovery contract causing you to rethink your disaster recovery solution? Over the last several years there has been a rush to find a way to bail out of these disaster recovery contracts and take back in-house control of the DR process.

Besides costs and lack of control, minimal disaster recovery testing time and the “first come first serve” policy are also are motivating factors to drop your disaster recovery all together. One of the biggest reasons driving this exodus – is that disaster recovery managers are finally realizing that DR can be in-sourced for a much lower cost then they first thought.

5 Steps to consider when thinking about disaster recovery in-sourcing:

  1. Location – Where would you be most comfortable with your people and resources flying or driving in the event of a disaster?
  2. Own, Buy or Lease – Do you have excess data center capacity or can you use a solo site?
  3. Space – How much will you need to accommodate disaster recovery systems and your people?
  4. Growth – Is your business growing? – make sure you don't paint yourself into a corner.
  5. Cost – Can you shoulder the costs associated with the new equipment, bandwidth and services, to name a few.

3 Tips to keep the costs down and deploy a disaster recovery site that is within budget.

  1. Redeploy your test servers to your disaster recovery site and role swap during DR.
  2. Buy new equipment that can reduce network bandwidth requirements and costs.
  3. Implement a new/used equipment strategy to blend selective pieces of new and refurbished technology and reduce the overall cost of the project.

Benefits of reducing the cost of the project:

  1. Get your project approved.
  2. Improve the ROI and get it fast tracked.
  3. Win one for the team and take back control.
  4. Use the savings to buy performance enhancing gear.
  5. Deploy some tools that save your most valuable asset, your time.

If you are considering in-sourcing disaster recovery, give Reliant Technology a call at 877.227.0828 or fill out the form on this page to get started. A disaster recovery expert can begin helping you blend a new and used hardware strategy, customized for your environment, with one simple call.