Dell EMC Split

After a ten-year storage courtship, Dell’s longstanding partnership with EMC is finally over. Although the partnership was originally set to expire in 2013, Dell announced on October 17 that they have discontinued the reselling of all EMC storage systems.

Throughout the tumultuous relationship, Dell parnered with EMC as a reseller of EMC storage systems including the EMC CLARiiON lines, EMC Celerra, and EMC disk drives and upgrades. The partnership had been profitable for both Dell and EMC - the EMC product line accounted for almost 50% of Dell’s storage revenue in previous years, and the partnership had sold almost a billion dollars worth of storage products.

However, the relationship became strained as Dell repeatedly attempted to acquire other storage lines in direct competition with EMC storage. In bidding wars for 3PAR and other storage equipment, rumors circulated that the partnership between Dell and EMC might be rocky and unstable.

When Dell acquired SAN-vendor Compellent in 2008 alongside several other data storage lines, the relationship between Dell and EMC seemed beyond repair. In an attempt to diminish the rumors that the two companies were splitting ways, Dell extended its contract with EMC until 2013.

Now that the decade-long relationship is over, EMC and Dell will now be competitors. In the future, Dell plans to invest another one billion dollars in technology hardware this year, while EMC looks to improve upon the already popular VNX line.

Darren Thomas, Vice President and General Manager of Dell Storage, stated that the company is still committed to providing quality service to the existing Dell/EMC customers. Dell said that they will use their own products and services to maintain the storage systems through 2013, but will no longer use EMC products or services to support the EMC arrays. This begs the question of how effectively Dell will support the arrays, since they are no longer using any EMC products.

Dell has also remarked that they will be focusing on their own products and services when new customer needs emerge. This could potentially force customers to either seek out third party maintenance and support for their storage arrays, or replace their entire storage system with Dell products.

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