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The security of your organization’s data is a top priority. Whether it is your business' customer and employee information, financials, or  other data, you'll want to make sure that data is secure. So, when it comes to Asset Recovery, one of the things that you will want to consider is data wiping.

So, how do you get rid of that data securely and still make it so the drives are reusable for resale? That’s where data wiping comes in. But, what exactly is data wiping and how would it work for your organization?

What is Data Wiping?

Data wiping is the process that makes the data unreadable, but keeps the hard drive itself usable. But, don’t misconstrue data wiping as “removing data.” In fact, data wiping is actually the process of having the data on that hard drive over-written so many times that the original data is impossible to distinguish.

Types of Data Wiping

Now, there are many types of data wiping that you can consider for your organization. Compliance regulations - such as HIPAA, PCI, and others - may make this choice for you. But, there are options available to your organization when it comes to data wiping. Here are some of the most frequently used data erasure types:

Single Pass Overwrite

A single pass overwrite is pretty self-explanatory. With single pass overwriting, the data on each hard drive is written over one time. The overwrite may be done with a single character, such as a “0” or “1,” or a random set of characters.

Three Pass Overwrite (with Verification)

Three pass overwrite means that the data on the disk drives is overwritten three times and then verified at the end to ensure that the drive has been overwritten properly. In order for the three pass overwrite process to meet the DOD standards of DOD5520M, the three pass overwrite process must follow a specific pattern: a single pass with a “0” character, then a single pass with a “1” character, a third pass with a random character, and then one final pass to verify that the data has been properly overwritten.

Seven Pass Overwrite (with Verification)

The seven pass overwrite process is like the three pass overwrite, but is completed seven times. The standard process for a seven pass overwrite includes each of the following passes: a “0” character pass, a “1” character pass, random character pass, a second random character pass, a “0” character pass, a “1” character pass, and a random character pass before the final verification pass.

Secure Erase

This method of erasure is available for SATA drives and is unique because its overwrite process is initiated from the drive’s firmware rather than an external software application. With Secure Erase, it erases both the logical memory sectors on the drive as well as any other accessible areas of the disk drive. Secure Erase is only available for SATA drives, not SCSI drives, because the Secure Erase functionality is only included in SATA drive firmware.

Why You Should Choose Data Wiping

There are two main reasons data wiping may be a better option for your organization. The first, is that the drive is still usable after it has been wiped. That means that the drives can be remarketed and reused. The second reason is that data wiping is cost-effective. You can get the data removed from your disk drives without the use of expensive disk shredders. That means you can have more money in your IT budget for additional projects, or to purchase new hardware.

Want to Know More About Data Erasure & Sanitization?

Reliant Technology offers data erasure and sanitization services for multi-vendor environments including EMC, NetApp, Dell, HP, IBM and more. After the data has been overwritten, you will receive a data wipe certification to confirm that the hard drives have been erased in accordance with the required regulatory guidelines.

As the World’s #1 Reseller of Certified Pre-Owned Storage Hardware & Support, you can trust that your data will be properly handled and protected through each step of our data erasure and sanitization service.

For more information about Reliant Technology's Data Erasure & Sanitization Services, reach out to one of our storage and support specialists at 1.877.227.0828.