Data Storage Rentals – 3 Reasons Why Rentals Are a Great IdeaBy Kyle Christopher

This is the conclusion of the 3-part series entitled "Data Storage Rentals – Your Growth Options."

By now you hopefully understand the concepts of data storage elasticity; that is, the need for your data storage to be able to grow or shrink on demand. You should also understand the fact that you are likely have barriers to overcome within your current storage situation. In today's blog, we get to a solution.

A data storage rental is a great way to get a trial run with a solution that you may need. You can only determine whether a certain solution will work for you with certainty by trying it out. Fortunately, this is a great deal less expensive than by perhaps purchasing a storage solution that is ill suited to your needs.  

The 3 points below clarify why a data storage rental may be the exact solution you've been looking for.

1) Reallocation of Your Budget

Have you made the connection between your lack of ability to take on new initiatives and your data storage limitations? It's important to look at your operating expenses with a critical eye. The current assumption is that certain items (like your data storage) will always consume a large percentage of your budget, but this is not necessarily true. The particular solution you choose will depend on your needs. Everyone's situation is different. Huge savings can be had if you consider a rental instead of a purchase for short-term problems. For example, let's say you have just purchased a large upgrade of your storage, and you need to swing your data from one system to the other. A data storage purchase is not the solution in this case. Simply rent some hardware for a short amount of time and return it when you're done. Then you can afford those new projects you've been putting off instead of only spending that money on storage.

2) Flexibility in Your Technology

With a rental you're not tied to one specific platform or technology. You may or may not be aware of all of the flexibility your current gear has. That's why you may be able to extend the life of your current system at a fraction of the price. As discussed in blog 1 of this series, you can also have an elastic solution in the event that you just need a short-term solution.

3) Great for short-term projects

If you're doing a data migration, a rental might be your best option as far as swing gear goes. A rental is also a great budget-saver in the event that your purchasing authority has a difficult time approving a $50,000+ storage solution. A monthly payment may be a lot easier to swallow in the short-term and would allow you to work through your budget woes.


Have you considered a storage rental to increase the power of your budget and boost your short-term project capabilities? Save your budget, invest in other projects, obtain flexible solutions and use rentals as a short-term solution. It's worth a shot. In the end, there's no obligation.

Reliant Technology is here to help you. We offer short and long-term solutions for your storage needs. Whether you are considering renting, leasing or purchasing, let one of our experienced storage consultants help you identify the right solution for your current needs.