Data Storage Rentals – 3 Barriers to Overcome

By Kyle Christopher

This is part 2 of a 3-part series entitled “Data Storage Rentals – Your Growth Options.”

Our last blog discussed the concepts of scalability and elasticity. You need to be able to both grow and shrink on demand. Purchasing a large amount of data storage that you will only use on a short-term basis leaves you with more than you need, not to mention the fact that you might not be able to afford a large amount of storage. There are many situations in which you might use a storage rental. Perhaps you are moving platforms; that is, swinging your data. As we discussed in part one of this blog series, a data storage rental is a great idea if you are not sure whether you will need more storage on a long-term basis. Fortunately, EMC and NetApp both offer great solutions that will work within your current environment. You just need to determine which storage is right for you.

So, let us define the problem and by considering these three barriers that keep most companies from elastic storage solutions.

  1. You have a small infrastructure – Most companies who are able to be elastic in their data storage also have very advanced infrastructures, as well as large budgets, that allow them to expand and shrink as needed. However, not everyone has the advanced capabilities to put this in place. Whether the roadblock is your budget or physical space, the ability to rent data storage can at least temporarily solve your infrastructure size issues while you consider whether a longer-term solution is in order. Consider a recent situation where a rental really came in handy for a client. The client needed to move their data from an EMC VNX5700 to a VNX5500. They were able to rent a Celerra NS-120 to hold the data during the move. The result was the client being able to move their data quickly with the right equipment. They had what they needed, when they needed it. Moreover, the process of getting the rental in place was extremely easy because of the low rental cost as contrasted to the cost of a purchase, virtually eliminating budget concerns.
  2. You do not want to outsource - If you decide to outsource your data to a storage center that has elastic capabilities, you leave your data in someone else’s hands. That may be fine for some, but when it comes to compliance issues and highly sensitive data, this may not be a viable option. Another problem with outsourcing is that you may have no idea what type of hardware they are using. The solution is almost completely out of your hands.
  3. Your resources are limited –The initial cash outlay to get you to a place of true elasticity and flexibility is extremely difficult and complex. The traditional approach of buying more storage than you will regularly use is no longer a realistic option. Let us once again consider the case study mentioned above. The cost of the data move was negligible compared to what it might have been if they would have had to buy the gear, making the budget approval process a breeze in comparison to a purchase.

Would you keep your same workforce if your revenue were cut in half? No. Would you keep the same workforce if your revenue doubled? Unlikely. The same goes for your storage issues.



Reliant Technology is here to help you. We offer short and long-term solutions for your storage needs. Whether you are considering renting, leasing or purchasing, let one of our experienced account managers understand your current needs and advise you on the next step.