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When IT departments face budget shortfalls for necessary capacity, sometimes the only way to bridge the gap is to change the way you think about your data. For some, it’s creatively using hardware and repurposing legacy equipment. For others, it’s managing the way data is stored by creating accountability and management at the user level. Regardless, getting the most out of your budget requires a thorough and creative examination of your business’ environment and asking—how can we do this more effectively and at a lower cost per terabyte?

Today, we went to share an organization that exemplifies the creative ways we help our customers repurpose equipment, get more TB’s for their budget, and do more with less. The company, Facebook, is no secret—but their lesser known Open Compute Project is an example of how a company can think outside of the box (and outside of the traditional vendor offerings) to get more computing power and more storage at a much more affordable price. Here's the video:

Our customers have been able to reduce the operational and capital costs of their IBM and EMC storage environments by working with Reliant consultants and designing creative solutions that move beyond traditional, manila manufacturer offerings. We tailor your equipment and installations exactly to your needs, without breaking the budget.

Do you have a creative way that you’ve helped your company reduce storage and data costs? Share them with us!

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