Cloud Isn't Ready for Backup

Among a flurry of product and software unveilings at the EMC World conference in Las Vegas, EMC also announced their lack of confidence in enterprise cloud backup and restore.

BJ Jenkins, president of EMC’s backup recovery systems (BRS) division, stated that he doesn’t feel that the cloud is ready for enterprise backup and restore.

Jenkins remarked that the challenges associated with data restore can be difficult with or without cloud technology. Restoring a large data set or extensive application can be challenging during an outage even if data was stored in the cloud, he said.

While he believes that the future may hold greater potential for cloud backup and restore, Jenkins said that current cloud backup is not adept enough to threaten the traditional in-house hardware backup.

EMC displayed confidence in traditional backup hardware by unveiling new Data Domain hardware at the EMC World conference. The Data Domain DD990, designed specifically for enterprise backup, contains up to 1.3 PB of usable capacity and can backup 248 TB of data in eight hours.

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