Cisco MDS Switches Use IOS Operating System

At the Cisco Live event in Europe in early February, Cisco announced that it has created a plan for product consolidation to improve the enterprise’s financial performance. The SAN switch provider created the plan due in part to the consistent criticism that the enterprise was branching in too many different directions.

According to Computerworld and TechTarget, who reported on the event, Cisco plans to consolidate its portfolio into topic areas instead of product lines to simplify the customer purchasing process. Cisco’s five topic areas include collaboration, datacenter, enterprise, security, and service provider categories.

Cisco has fallen behind Brocade in the race to 16 Gbps technology, choosing to focus on the niche FCoE interface instead, and may need to the product consolidation in order to maintain market share among rival brands.

Effects on SAN Switches, Storage

Padmasree Warrior, the chief technology officer for Cisco, spoke about the potential changes for its datacenter products during a question and answer session during the Cisco Live conference. Denying that Cisco would add storage hardware to its datacenter line of products, Warrior said that there would be some changes to Cisco’s three main network operating systems.

Using the term “cross-pollination,” Warrior stated that the XR, NX-OS, and IOS operating systems would share some features in the future in an effort to make the operating systems more programmable. The IOS operating system is currently used in all Cisco MDS SAN switches and switching hardware, including the Cisco MDS 9509 Director and the Cisco MDS 9216 Switch.

The operations systems, however, are not expected to merge in the future as they serve individual and unique networking requirements.

Cisco Fiscal Reports Pending

Cisco plans to report their fiscal results on Wednesday, February 8 for the second quarter of 2012, which ended January 28th.

After cutting nearly 9% of their workforce in July, Cisco hopes that a simplification plan will bring the enterprise improved fiscal results as well as greater market share. In the SAN switching market, Cisco ranks a distant second behind market giant Brocade.

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