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Extend the life of your storage, server, and networking hardware with third party support and maintenance for major OEMs. Learn about our support features like flexible SLAs, global coverage, and more .


Data Center Downtime is Expensive: 3 Ways Third-Party Support Can Help

Support & Maintenance   •   September 6, 2018

Running a business in today’s world means taking a more technological approach. As the "brains" of the operation, data centers allow you to do just that. Your data center plays a major role in day-to-day business operations for employees and clients alike. But relying heavily on your data center also has its downsides...unplanned downtime incidents can really cost you.

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Knowing the Right Time to Refresh Your Networking Hardware

Support & Maintenance   •   January 31, 2018

A large part of managing your data center network means ensuring that all networking equipment is supported and maintained. This sounds easy enough until the OEM announces your products have been declared EOL. The end of life announcement usually means that end of support is soon to follow. Rather than panic or unnecessarily upgrade your network, we’re here to talk about some options you have when it comes to doing a network refresh. So, what are some tips to extend the life of your network?

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3 Business Cases for Third Party Support

IT Budget Savings   •   November 28, 2017

third party support - use casesInnovation doesn't necessarily come cheap, but that doesn't mean that identifying options to maintain a peak level of IT operations while minimizing costs isn't a top priority for C-suite executives everywhere. Simply finding new ways to extend the life of critical capital...

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5 Common IT Support Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

Support & Maintenance   •   November 21, 2017

Reliant Technology - Common Support Mistakes

Choosing who supports your storage, server, and networking equipment as well as how it's supported are some of the most important decisions you can make for your IT infrastructure. Far too often, we see a common trend of end users making decisions on the "who" and "how" that cost them time, money, and quality of service. Don't make the same mistakes by avoiding these potential pitfalls of...

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3 Ways Third Party Support Can Help with Innovation

Industry News & Trends   •   October 24, 2017

data center third party supportBeing a part of the IT industry means adapting and finding new and better ways to meet business objectives. Everywhere you look, there are new technologies emerging and quickly changing the way we manage, store, and protect our data. However, budget ranks as a top concern when it comes to staying ahead of the technology curve. Many are left wondering...

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What to Do When OEM Support is Up

Support & Maintenance   •   September 6, 2017

For many organizations, support for your IT equipment eventually ends for two key reasons. For starters, moving support away from a legacy system allows an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to look towards the future. They can devote resources to innovation, bringing bigger and better products to market moving forward. Many OEMs prefer that customers only keep hardware for three to five years specifically so that they are forced to pay money to upgrade, thus preserving...

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IT Support Secrets: What the OEM Doesn't Want You to Know

Support & Maintenance   •   August 9, 2017

OEM Support SecretsHow long is your data center hardware actually useful? Depending on who your support provider is, the answer may vary. If you have EMC or NetApp support through the OEM, they will likely tell you the answer is 3-5 years. But as IT budgets begin to shrink, you may be wondering if this is true, and if not, what else could the OEM be hiding?

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4 Support SLA Mistakes That Could be Hurting Your IT Budget

Support & Maintenance   •   July 25, 2017

IT support SLA mistakesWhen it comes to managing an entire data center, monitoring the type of support you’re getting can sometimes fall through the cracks. So often, IT professionals must focus on fixing issues and innovating without breaking the budget, that some fail to realize IT support could be a larger hinderance. With the ability to take up two-thirds of any given IT budget, these support SLA mistakes could be draining your pockets. So, what are some mistakes you could be making when it comes to data center support and how can you avoid them?

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3 Terms to Know When Purchasing Third Party Support

Support & Maintenance   •   June 20, 2017

Making a decision on who provides support for your storage, server, and networking equipment is an important part of data center maintenance. Many vendors talk a good game when it comes to maintenance and support services, but can they cut it as your support provider?

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Is Your VMAX Going EOSL? Know Your Options

EMC   •   June 7, 2017

VMAX EOSL support optionsIf you have a VMAX in your data center, you may be wondering what’s best for your system. EMC has announced several VMAX models will go End of Service Life or EOSL September 30, 2017. So what should you do? Should you move to a newer system? Or do you look for alternative support solutions for your current VMAX? No matter whether your hardware is EOL or EOSL, it’s important to know that you have options.

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