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1. How Do You Define Data Center Hardware Maintenance?

One of the biggest problems with defining maintenance is that many vendors have different definitions. It can become confusing when you’re presented with a myriad of offerings all purporting to offer data center hardware maintenance services. The truth is, in many cases, these solutions are offering you just a portion of the functionality required to give companies a true data center hardware maintenance customer experience.

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What's the deal with cDOT?

Industry News & Trends   •   April 3, 2019

If you run NetApp equipment in your data center, you’re almost certainly familiar with 7-Mode (also called ONTAP Traditional or 7G), the basic operating system for NetApp enterprise storage solutions for more than 20 years. NetApp’s newer and more complex operating system, Clustered Data ONTAP (cDOT), has gone through several versions since its’ rollout 10 years ago in an attempt to achieve more feature parity between 7-Mode and cDOT. As it stands now, the features that truly separate cDOT from 7-Mode are mostly for scale-out solutions as opposed to scale up. Despite offering minimal downtime during hardware upgrades or refreshes, the market has not quickly taken to cDOT. The main reason? It can be quite pricey to convert, which is why literally thousands of companies are still using 7-Mode.

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9 NetApp Terms You Need to Know

NetApp   •   October 2, 2018

When it comes to NetApp technology, there are a lot of different terms floating around that you may or may not understand. So, we want to provide a brief overview of some of the essential NetApp terms you need to know. We hope that this will help you feel more educated and empowered to talk about NetApp technology.

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9 EMC VNX Terms You Need to Know

NetApp   •   August 17, 2018

There are quite a few EMC VNX technology terms floating around out there that sometimes seem to be misused or confused. So we decided to put together a list of the 9 most common EMC VNX terms we hear, and define each of them. Our hope is that this will get everyone level-set on the terminology and help to educate and empower you to talk about VNX technology as you deliver expertise and service for your business.

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Your FAS8000 Filer is EOA: What Now?

NetApp   •   January 17, 2018

reliant reading list tablet NetApp FAS8020, 8040, 8060, and 8080 filers went End of Availability (EOA) in December 2017. There are usually concerns about hardware needs and support options once your filer reaches a product milestone. So what happens next? Should you look for extended support with the OEM? Consider alternative support vendors? Or should you just do a complete hardware refresh? These are just a few questions we get from NetApp users.

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What EOS Means for Your NetApp FAS2020 & 2040 Filer

NetApp   •   October 18, 2017

NetApp FAS2020 FAS2040 - End of SupportNetApp FAS2020 filers went End of Support (EOS) June 2017, and the FAS2040 will follow suit by the end of December 2017. There are usually concerns about performance and capacity needs once your NetApp hardware starts to approach EOS or EOSL. So what happens next?

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Hybrid-Flash vs All-Flash: Making the Choice

NetApp   •   October 4, 2017

All-flash arrays have become wildly popular in the data storage world thanks to their ability to boost performance and increase efficiency. Some of the most popular all-flash systems come from NetApp, Pure, Nimble, and EMC. While there are

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EOSL & EOL datesWith the end of the quarter quickly approaching, it can be difficult to keep up with every End of Service Life (EOSL) and End of Support (EOS) announcement. Not sure what’s going EOSL in your data center? No problem.

Here’s a list of systems that will go EOS & EOSL by the end of this quarter:

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netappend of supportWith the end of the quarter quickly approaching, it can be difficult to keep up with NetApp product lifecycle milestones. Here at Reliant, we understand that knowing End of Life dates is half the battle when it comes to optimizing your NetApp environment. So to help you better plan and enhance your data center, we wanted to bring you the latest End of Support dates for NetApp.

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How Much Does a FAS3240 Cost?

IT Budget Savings   •   March 8, 2017

netapp fas3240 priceWe get that question a lot. The FAS3240 is a very popular filer from the NetApp FAS series, and a favorite on the market right now. No matter the system, pricing questions usually lead the pack when it comes to storage, networking, and server hardware.

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