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New Gartner Report Explains Benefits of Third-Party Maintenance

IT Budget Savings   •   October 9, 2019

The IT service management company Gartner recently released a report detailing how third-party maintenance providers are best equipped to provide solutions that result in cost savings with optimum results. The report names a few key points that show third-party maintenance is a great way to save on your budget and free up resources to fund other initiatives or the business. Here are the main points as outlined by Gartner:

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What's the deal with cDOT?

Industry News & Trends   •   April 3, 2019

If you run NetApp equipment in your data center, you’re almost certainly familiar with 7-Mode (also called ONTAP Traditional or 7G), the basic operating system for NetApp enterprise storage solutions for more than 20 years. NetApp’s newer and more complex operating system, Clustered Data ONTAP (cDOT), has gone through several versions since its’ rollout 10 years ago in an attempt to achieve more feature parity between 7-Mode and cDOT. As it stands now, the features that truly separate cDOT from 7-Mode are mostly for scale-out solutions as opposed to scale up. Despite offering minimal downtime during hardware upgrades or refreshes, the market has not quickly taken to cDOT. The main reason? It can be quite pricey to convert, which is why literally thousands of companies are still using 7-Mode.

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3 Ways Third Party Support Can Help with Innovation

Industry News & Trends   •   October 24, 2017

data center third party supportBeing a part of the IT industry means adapting and finding new and better ways to meet business objectives. Everywhere you look, there are new technologies emerging and quickly changing the way we manage, store, and protect our data. However, budget ranks as a top concern when it comes to staying ahead of the technology curve. Many are left wondering...

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Storage Vendor Showdown: EMC vs. Pure Part:1

Industry News & Trends   •   August 23, 2017

OEM Support SecretsStorage giants like Dell/EMC and NetApp have stood the test of time, remaining constant leaders in a changing IT landscape. But the days of only having a handful of storage vendors to choose from are long gone. Newcomers to the field like Cohesity and Pure Storage...

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What Makes A Great SysAdmin?

Industry News & Trends   •   July 27, 2017

SysAdmin Day 2017SysAdmins are the heart of any given business. They manage everything from your network infrastructure all the way down to your printers. In honor of System Administrator Appreciation Day, or SysAdmin Day, we wanted to talk about what makes a great SysAdmin with the focus on data storage and what it takes to succeed in a career as one. You have to be highly technically minded, willing to put up with a pretty intense work schedule, and learn to thrive in a high-pressure environment. Having those traits is a tall order for anyone.

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3 Challenges Facing IT Departments...and How to Beat Them

Industry News & Trends   •   October 25, 2016

IT challenges aheadOver the years, technology has become a large component of doing business in today’s world. While there are tremendous benefits that come along with IT, there are also struggles accompanied by relying on technology for just about every day-to-day business operation. IT challenges can vary across organizations and industries, but there’s one...

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The More You Know Series: Benefits of Hybrid Cloud

Industry News & Trends   •   September 8, 2016

hybrid cloud

The conversation around cloud computing and data storage has usually been a heated one. Some organizations have moved to the cloud despite potential risks, while others have reservations about moving their data for security reasons. However, there is no right or wrong answer. Once taking stock of data and applications, many organizations find that a mix of cloud and on premises IT assets works best. This is where the...

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Storage Vendor Showdown: NetApp vs Nimble

Industry News & Trends   •   August 8, 2016

Storage giants like Dell/EMC, IBM, and NetApp have stood the test of time evolving in a changing IT landscape. But the days of only having a few storage vendor options are gone. Newcomers to the field like Nimble, Pure, and Cohesity continue to disrupt long held data storage practices. Comparing these storage vendors can sometimes feel like...

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3 Trends Changing the Face of Healthcare IT

Industry News & Trends   •   July 11, 2016

Data demands continue to skyrocket across industries and healthcare is no exception. Emerging technologies and trends continue to revolutionize the way IT professionals manage and store data. By deploying solutions like Flash and utilizing the Cloud, the healthcare industry  has experienced leaps in data storage.

So, what do today’s tech trends mean for IT managers in healthcare?

Flash Storage

The introduction of flash has shaken up healthcare IT as much as any other industry. While other organizations implement flash to give them a competitive edge, for healthcare professionals the stakes are...

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5 Myths About Used IT Hardware

Industry News & Trends   •   July 1, 2016

There are a number of benefits when it comes to purchasing pre-owned IT equipment. The secondary market for storage, server, and networking equipment is ripe with savings on quality hardware.

But venturing outside of the OEM can be nerve-racking especially with all the misconceptions and myths surrounding used IT hardware. As a team dedicated to new and used storage, server, and networking equipment, we’re here to separate fact from fiction.

Myth #1: Used IT Hardware Can’t be Supported

This is simply not true. There are independent support vendors dedicated to...

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