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Looking for different ways to save time, money, and resources in your data center? Follow these tips and guides to increase overall efficiency and optimize your storage, server, and networking hardware.


4 Must Haves When Choosing an ITAD Partner

How-To, Guides, & Tips    •   November 8, 2017

Choosing an IT Asset Disposition PartnerChoosing who provides IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) services for your storage, server, and networking hardware is one of the biggest decisions you can make for your IT infrastructure. ITAD is usually an afterthought for many IT shops, but that is beginning to change thanks to the increasing need for safe and environmentally friendly disposal of data center hardware. But ITAD includes more than just retiring your assets, so where do you start? Picking a partner...

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3 Ways to Minimize RAID Failure in Your Storage Array

How-To, Guides, & Tips    •   September 27, 2017

RAID best practicesRedundant Array of Independent Disks, or RAID is a fundamental part of your storage system and usually the first line of defense when something goes wrong. But with RAID being so important, it’s no surprise that data storage administrators want to do everything possible...

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Questions to Ask Before a Data Center Relocation: Part 2

How-To, Guides, & Tips    •   July 20, 2017

data center relocation questionsWhether you’re moving because you’ve outgrown your current data center or you are anticipating growth in the coming years, it is important to plan accordingly for your data center relocation. We’ve already gone over a few questions to ask, so if you haven’t already, check out Part 1 before moving forward. So, what are some more questions you should ask yourself to minimize risk and downtime during your data center relocation?

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Questions to Ask Before a Data Center Relocation: Part 1

How-To, Guides, & Tips    •   July 5, 2017

data center relocation tips & questions to askAre you planning for a data center relocation? There are a number of reasons an organization would need to consider a new data center space. Whether you’re moving because you’ve outgrown your current data center or you are anticipating growth in the coming years, it is important to plan

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Why You Should Consider an IT Infrastructure Audit

How-To, Guides, & Tips    •   June 27, 2017

IT Infrastructure Audit benefitsWhen it comes to the IT infrastructure that your business relies so heavily on each day, many people don't realize that they're not looking at a "one-and-done" series of decisions. Technology is evolving rapidly, which means that the investment you made today may not be capable of meeting the demands of tomorrow and beyond.

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4 Benefits of Leasing Data Center Hardware

IT Budget Savings   •   May 30, 2017

Data Center Leasing HardwareWhile it's true that IT is and will always be the spine of any modern day operation, the days of owning all of the IT products and services within a company are long gone. Technology continues to advance at a break-neck pace - spending huge amounts of money today on a deployment that will be woefully inadequate six months is something you simply cannot afford to do in such a competitive marketplace.

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Third Party Support Checklist: Picking a Vendor

How-To, Guides, & Tips    •   May 9, 2017

Which third party support provider is best?In terms of the type of third party support that your business will come to depend on, picking the right vendor comes down to more than just dollars and cents. While it's true that price will always be a concern, most third party support contracts are already built in a way that allows you to save 40% to 70% off OEM alternatives. Instead, you need to dig a fair bit deeper than that to make sure you're making the right choice to meet today's challenges AND tomorrow's ever evolving requirements at the same time.

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The CIO's Guide to the Used IT Hardware Market: Part 1

How-To, Guides, & Tips    •   March 22, 2017

CIO tips for used IT hardwareHere at Reliant, we pride ourselves on taking a customer-centered approach. Rather than just supplying you with parts and tech specs, we take a more personal technique by giving you a number of options and helping you create an action plan to achieve your specific goals. To help you do that...

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Mistakes That Could Be Hurting Your VNX Performance: Part 2

How-To, Guides, & Tips    •   March 2, 2017

vnx performance mistakesWelcome to part 2 of our series about some mistakes that could be hurting your VNX’s performance. If you missed the first installment of the series, you can read up on it here: Part 1. The aim of this series is to help you understand some of the dos and don’ts when it comes to VNX systems, disk array enclosures (DAE), and drives. We asked our engineering experts to give us some common mistakes people make with VNX and how to avoid them. So, what mistake could be hurting your VNX’s performance?

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Server Buying Guide: 3 Questions to Ask

How-To, Guides, & Tips    •   December 13, 2016

server what you need to know Servers continue to be one of our main product focuses when it comes to helping IT professionals optimize their data center infrastructure. We offer a wide range of HP, Dell, IBM, & Cisco servers to help end users achieve their requirements and more. However, there are a few things you should take into consideration before purchasing servers for your environment...

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