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Not sure when your storage, server, and networking equipment will reach End of Life? Stay current on the most recent EOL announcements and learn what a product lifecycle milestone means for your hardware.


Your FAS8000 Filer is EOA: What Now?

NetApp   •   January 17, 2018

reliant reading list tablet NetApp FAS8020, 8040, 8060, and 8080 filers went End of Availability (EOA) in December 2017. There are usually concerns about hardware needs and support options once your filer reaches a product milestone. So what happens next? Should you look for extended support with the OEM? Consider alternative support vendors? Or should you just do a complete hardware refresh? These are just a few questions we get from NetApp users.

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What's Going EOL in Your Data Center?

End of Life   •   December 6, 2017

IT asset management benefitsWe’re already at the end of Q4 and the end of 2017. If you’re like most IT professionals you’re probably finishing up several storage projects and planning for the year ahead in your data center. Don’t let any End of Life dates slip through...

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What EOS Means for Your NetApp FAS2020 & 2040 Filer

NetApp   •   October 18, 2017

NetApp FAS2020 FAS2040 - End of SupportNetApp FAS2020 filers went End of Support (EOS) June 2017, and the FAS2040 will follow suit by the end of December 2017. There are usually concerns about performance and capacity needs once your NetApp hardware starts to approach EOS or EOSL. So what happens next?

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Your EMC Hardware is EOL: What Happens Now?

End of Life   •   September 21, 2017

Reliant Technology - What EOL Means For Your EMC EquipmentWith so many different acronyms floating around for product lifecycle milestones, it is easy to get confused. Not to mention that different manufacturers use different End of Life terminology. This makes it all the more complicated to understand the lifecycle of the equipment within your data center.

Today, we will be focusing on the end of life milestones for one brand in particular - EMC - and what these milestones mean for you.

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What's Going End-of-Life in Your Data Center?

EMC   •   August 30, 2017

Q3 2017 EOL announcementsWe’re over half-way through the year, and two-thirds of the way through Q3. If you’re like most IT professionals, you probably have several storage projects in full swing. Don’t let EOL or EoSL dates slip through the cracks. Keep up with the latest EMC product announcements with

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VNX Product Lifecycle Planning Tips

EMC   •   August 17, 2017

EMC VNX end of life planning tipsHave you tried to decipher EMC VNX support for Gen 1 systems? The process is made nearly impossible thanks to the vague end of life terminology. Trying to determine when your support is ending is made even more complicated by variables beyond your control. From the essential EMC VNX support to any extended support options, your product support life cycle varies greatly. You also want to have a backup plan for support after your support ends.

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EOSL & EOL datesWith the end of the quarter quickly approaching, it can be difficult to keep up with every End of Service Life (EOSL) and End of Support (EOS) announcement. Not sure what’s going EOSL in your data center? No problem.

Here’s a list of systems that will go EOS & EOSL by the end of this quarter:

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Is Your VMAX Going EOSL? Know Your Options

EMC   •   June 7, 2017

VMAX EOSL support optionsIf you have a VMAX in your data center, you may be wondering what’s best for your system. EMC has announced several VMAX models will go End of Service Life or EOSL September 30, 2017. So what should you do? Should you move to a newer system? Or do you look for alternative support solutions for your current VMAX? No matter whether your hardware is EOL or EOSL, it’s important to know that you have options.

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netappend of supportWith the end of the quarter quickly approaching, it can be difficult to keep up with NetApp product lifecycle milestones. Here at Reliant, we understand that knowing End of Life dates is half the battle when it comes to optimizing your NetApp environment. So to help you better plan and enhance your data center, we wanted to bring you the latest End of Support dates for NetApp.

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EOL vs EoSL: What's the Difference?

Support & Maintenance   •   January 10, 2017

EMC End of Life End of Service Life

When EMC announces that a piece of hardware will reach End of Life (EOL) or End of Service Life (EOSL), it can be difficult to understand what these milestones mean for your storage environment. Not only do you have to understand what each term means, you also have to figure out next steps for your EOL EMC hardware. And after all that...

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