1. How Do You Define Data Center Hardware Maintenance?

One of the biggest problems with defining maintenance is that many vendors have different definitions. It can become confusing when you’re presented with a myriad of offerings all purporting to offer data center hardware maintenance services. The truth is, in many cases, these solutions are offering you just a portion of the functionality required to give companies a true data center hardware maintenance customer experience.

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Upgrading Your EMC Array: What You Need to Know

EMC   •   February 5, 2018

upgrade EMC array In a time of dramatic data growth, needs for more capacity and performance remain the norm. This means IT decision makers must meet increasing data storage requirements with a shrinking budget. You might feel overwhelmed at the task of keeping your data center equipment up to demand, but you have options. The easiest and most cost-effective way to increase data capacity is to upgrade

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Hybrid-Flash vs All-Flash: Making the Choice

NetApp   •   October 4, 2017

All-flash arrays have become wildly popular in the data storage world thanks to their ability to boost performance and increase efficiency. Some of the most popular all-flash systems come from NetApp, Pure, Nimble, and EMC. While there are

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Storage Vendor Showdown: EMC vs. Pure Part:1

Industry News & Trends   •   August 23, 2017

OEM Support SecretsStorage giants like Dell/EMC and NetApp have stood the test of time, remaining constant leaders in a changing IT landscape. But the days of only having a handful of storage vendors to choose from are long gone. Newcomers to the field like Cohesity and Pure Storage...

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VNX Product Lifecycle Planning Tips

EMC   •   August 17, 2017

EMC VNX end of life planning tipsHave you tried to decipher EMC VNX support for Gen 1 systems? The process is made nearly impossible thanks to the vague end of life terminology. Trying to determine when your support is ending is made even more complicated by variables beyond your control. From the essential EMC VNX support to any extended support options, your product support life cycle varies greatly. You also want to have a backup plan for support after your support ends.

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Is Your VMAX Going EOSL? Know Your Options

EMC   •   June 7, 2017

VMAX EOSL support optionsIf you have a VMAX in your data center, you may be wondering what’s best for your system. EMC has announced several VMAX models will go End of Service Life or EOSL September 30, 2017. So what should you do? Should you move to a newer system? Or do you look for alternative support solutions for your current VMAX? No matter whether your hardware is EOL or EOSL, it’s important to know that you have options.

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Mistakes That Could Be Hurting Your VNX: Part 1

EMC   •   January 19, 2017

mistakes that could be hurting your vnx What are the biggest mistakes you can make with a VNX? There are a ton of things that range from not checking performance benchmarks to leaving it sitting in your data center collecting dust. No matter your role in a storage environment, making sure all systems work at peak performance should be a top

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Storage environments can differ based on the industry, size of the organization, and many other deciding factors. But there is one commonality that they all share, at some point organizational growth and storage needs have to be addressed. IT managers must find solutions to capacity and performance issues on a daily basis. Purchasing a new disk array enclosure (DAE) for your EMC hardware is a cost-effective way to increase...

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Unified Storage: EMC vs. NetApp

NetApp   •   May 23, 2016

EMC and NetApp are two of the largest storage vendors in the industry, but when it comes to unified storage - Which should you choose?

Search Storage defines unified storage as a storage system that makes it possible to run and manage files and applications from a single device. Unified storage has become a popular technology used by major storage vendors.

It is important to note that the only major vendor to offer a fully unified platform is NetApp. The manufacturer’s FAS8000 series doesn’t need any extra hardware for file or block. Other vendors haven’t embraced this path of implementation, opting to use separate components.

NetApp Unified Storage

Having a piece of hardware from which any protocol can be software-enabled minimizes costs for your organization, while offering you a higher level of flexibility within your storage environment. Scalability and ease of management are paramount to those who favor NetApp.

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Countdown to EMC World 2016

EMC   •   April 18, 2016

EMC World 2016 is just around the corner! The conference returns to Las Vegas at The Venetian May 2-5. EMC World is where one of the data storage industry’s biggest names previews upcoming product releases and industry trends.

EMC World Highlights

This year’s EMC World theme is “Modernize Your Data Center.”

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