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Knowing the Right Time to Refresh Your Networking Hardware

Support & Maintenance   •   January 31, 2018

A large part of managing your data center network means ensuring that all networking equipment is supported and maintained. This sounds easy enough until the OEM announces your products have been declared EOL. The end of life announcement usually means that end of support is soon to follow. Rather than panic or unnecessarily upgrade your network, we’re here to talk about some options you have when it comes to doing a network refresh. So, what are some tips to extend the life of your network?

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Managing your multi-generational network can be tricky. Like most, your network probably includes current and previous generation equipment. Things can get even more confusing if Cisco has declared some of your network End of Life. The End of Life announcement may come at a time when that particular equipment is working fine, leaving you wondering about your options.

The OEM will have you believe that there are only two options: follow the OEM upgrade schedule or forego support. We’ll be discussing a few other options that will allow you to save on your IT support budget and extend the life of your network.

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Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins Sheds Invicta Storage Line

Industry News & Trends   •   July 28, 2015

Reliant Technology - Cisco CEO Sheds Invicta Storage Line

Cisco’s new CEO Chuck Robbins made the decision to trim Cisco’s Invicta flash storage line from their product offerings. Cisco originally acquired the Invicta storage line when they bought the startup Whiptail in 2013 for $450 million as an effort to compete with industry leader EMC.

Due to the end of their Invicta storage line, nearly all of the Whiptail staff has been laid off, although the details on the number of those affected by the layoffs in uncertain. From the beginning the Invicta product line has suffered from “quality” issues and customer complaints leading Cisco to halt shipments of the arrays in 2014.

According to Business Insider, Cisco closed down Invicta because the organization, “recognized that the Invicta technology would not be able to change in a way that would be required to meet future market needs. Accordingly, we decided now was the right time to announce its End of Life. In doing so, we are able to continue investing in building world-class data center solutions via UCS product innovations.”

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Cisco Expands its Storage Networking Portfolio

Industry News & Trends   •   May 27, 2015

Cisco Expands Storage Networking Portfolio

Industry leader Cisco recently announced new additions to its storage networking portfolio which are designed specifically with enterprise customers in mind. The company's new 40 gigabit converged Ethernet option will support the existing Nexus 7700 and 7000 switches, while a new 96 port 16 gbps fibre channel switch is also now available.

The New MDS 9396S SAN Switch

One of the company's new products, the 2U MDS 9396S SAN switch, is designed to scale from 48 ports to 96 ports in 12 port increments. It can also be purchased with all 96 ports depending on the needs of the customer. Each of those ports is designed to guarantee a line rate performance of up to 16 gigabits per second when operating at peak efficiency. The new switch includes dual fans and multiple power supplies for the purposes of redundancy, and also extends support for over 4,000 buffer to buffer credits on a per port basis.

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Fibre Channel Showdown: Brocade vs. Cisco

Brocade   •   January 13, 2015

Reliant - Fibre Channel Showdown Cisco Brocade

Brocade DCX vs Cisco MDS 9509

The Brocade DCX is a powerful, enterprise-class director. The Cisco MDS 9509 offers similar technology. Both deliver reliable, high quality switching infrastructure. It’s for you to decide which director can best meet your requirements.

The Brocade DCX and Cisco MDS 9509 are dependable SAN directors that bring high reliability to your switching infrastructure. SAN directors provide continuity of operation, ensuring that whenever a blade fails it can be replaced without downtime. Both Cisco and Brocade are just about equally reliable.

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Cisco, Amazon, Cloud Wars & Mitigating Risk

Industry News & Trends   •   April 1, 2014

Cloud WarsLast week Cisco Systems Inc. pledged to spend $1 billion over the next two years to enter a market currently led by Inc., the largest online retailer in the world.

Cisco will be building data centers to help run the new service which they have named Cisco Cloud Services. Cisco currently deals in networking hardware and is seeking to profit from the companies wishing to rent computing services rather than buying and maintaining their own hardware. 

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