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1. How Do You Define Data Center Hardware Maintenance?

One of the biggest problems with defining maintenance is that many vendors have different definitions. It can become confusing when you’re presented with a myriad of offerings all purporting to offer data center hardware maintenance services. The truth is, in many cases, these solutions are offering you just a portion of the functionality required to give companies a true data center hardware maintenance customer experience.

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Brocade Acquires Riverbed’s SteelApp virtual ADC business

Industry News & Trends   •   February 10, 2015

Brocade Acquires Riverbed Technology’s SteelApp virtual Application Delivery Controller (ADC) business. 

The SteelApp product line is one of the top ADCs and controls traffic to and from applications and allows for quick, reliable, and secure application delivery from the cloud or data center.

This deal will give Brocade the assets of the SteelApp business as well as its development and field teams when the deal closes by the end of May 2015 or before the conclusion of the vendor’s FQ2.

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Fibre Channel Showdown: Brocade vs. Cisco

Brocade   •   January 13, 2015

Reliant - Fibre Channel Showdown Cisco Brocade

Brocade DCX vs Cisco MDS 9509

The Brocade DCX is a powerful, enterprise-class director. The Cisco MDS 9509 offers similar technology. Both deliver reliable, high quality switching infrastructure. It’s for you to decide which director can best meet your requirements.

The Brocade DCX and Cisco MDS 9509 are dependable SAN directors that bring high reliability to your switching infrastructure. SAN directors provide continuity of operation, ensuring that whenever a blade fails it can be replaced without downtime. Both Cisco and Brocade are just about equally reliable.

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Choosing a FC Switch

How do you choose the best Brocade SAN switch for your enterprise storage environment given the wide array of options available today?

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Hardware Spotlight: Brocade DCX

The Brocade DCX Backbone made its mark on the storage industry by delivering unprecedented functionality and ease of use, allowing SAN manager to upgrade their SAN fabric and improve application performance.


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Are You Making the Most of Your Used Brocade Hardware?

Deploying a new Brocade switch or director can be a tedious and expensive process for many companies.

In addition to the upfront capital outlay, IT administrators must take the time to ensure compatibility, integrate the hardware, troubleshoot any issues, and learn the ins and outs of the new hardware.

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Four Reasons to Consider a Used Brocade SAN Director

Brocade   •   September 11, 2012

Time for a Brocade SAN Director

Is your SAN switch is straining to meet the demands of your mission-critical storage area network? It may be time to consider upgrading your hardware to a Brocade SAN director.


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The Brocade 6510 and 16 Gpbs FC

If your SAN fabric is straining to keep up with current workloads and is experiencing growing demands for bandwidth, it may be time to upgrade to a 16 Gbps Fibre Channel (FC) switch like the Brocade 6510.


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Questions and Answsers about the Brocade DCX 8510

With so much hardware to evaluate and so little time, we’ve reached the final article in a series of posts to answer common questions about the Brocade DCX 8510. If you missed the first or second post in this series, read them via the links at the bottom of this post.


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Brocade DCX Vs Cisco MDS

In the past few years Brocade and Cisco have dominated the fibre channel director market. Both companies produce top-notch equipment; the Brocade DCX is a powerful, enterprise-class director rivaled only by the CISCO MDS 9509.

With very similar technology and offerings, which director is the best for your existing SAN switching infrastructure?


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