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7 Mistakes Savvy CIO's Don't Make When Negotiating with the OEM

IT Budget Savings   •   April 15, 2019

By paying attention to the details, and managing the process, you have the opportunity to recognize significant rewards. Just as any project, this one takes time, focus and attention. A savvy IT Leader will not allow these mistakes to jeopardize the maintenance negotiations.

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4 Must Haves When Choosing an ITAD Partner

How-To, Guides, & Tips    •   November 8, 2017

Choosing an IT Asset Disposition PartnerChoosing who provides IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) services for your storage, server, and networking hardware is one of the biggest decisions you can make for your IT infrastructure. ITAD is usually an afterthought for many IT shops, but that is beginning to change thanks to the increasing need for safe and environmentally friendly disposal of data center hardware. But ITAD includes more than just retiring your assets, so where do you start? Picking a partner...

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Data Erasure & Destruction: 3 Ways to Protect Your Data

Asset Recovery & ITAD   •   June 13, 2017

Data Erasure and Destruction OptionsGetting rid of your current IT hardware usually isn’t the most glamorous aspect of managing a data center, but let’s face it, it has to be done. Protecting your organization’s data should be a top priority. Whether you plan on disposing of your hardware completely or trading it in for more budget funds, it’s important to remember that you have options when it comes to protecting your employee, vendor, and customer data. So, what are some options for data erasure and destruction?

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Asset Recovery: Frequently Asked Questions

Asset Recovery & ITAD   •   February 1, 2017

asset recovery need to knowWhen you make the decision to move to a different system you may not know what to do with your current server, storage, and networking equipment. Should you decommission and recycle it? Do you leave it sitting in your data center? Since acquiring new technology is usually

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Data Wiping: Why You Can't Afford to Ignore It

Asset Recovery & ITAD   •   December 21, 2016

Securing your organization’s data should be a top priority. Whether you’re responsible for client records, employee information, or financials you’ll want to be sure that data is guarded. Data destruction is one of the most important steps in keeping your company’s sensitive data out of harm’s way. It is especially crucial when planning to sell or trade-in your used IT hardware. You may think that using the delete function on your equipment is sufficient, but that’s not the case.

Blancco Technology and Kroll Ontrack conducted a global study concluding that 48% of hard drives and SSDs sold on major reseller websites, like Amazon and eBay, contained residual...

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3 IT Asset Disposition Myths Debunked

Asset Recovery & ITAD   •   April 4, 2016

Reliant Technology - ITAD Myths Debunked

In recent years, headlines about sensitive data breaches or stolen became more frequent. Organizations spend valuable time and money securing client and employee information. But what happens when that type of care is only extended to current data in your storage environment? Companies often put most of their effort into managing new and current assets, while letting IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) fall to the wayside. Decommissioned equipment has just as high, if not higher, risk of breach if not properly handled.

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How to Get the Most Money From Your Surplus IT Hardware

Asset Recovery & ITAD   •   March 21, 2016

Reliant Technology - Asset Recovery Program - Make Money

When you make the decision to get rid of surplus storage, server, or networking equipment, you may not know exactly what to do with it. Should you put it in a closet in the back of your data center? Let it gather dust? Decommission and recycle it?

The truth is that you have a lot of options when it comes to Asset Recovery. You want to  make sure that you make the best option for your organization. There may be value in your equipment that you may not know about. You don’t want to waste the opportunity to

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What is DOD-Level Data Wiping (5220.22-M)?

Asset Recovery & ITAD   •   February 23, 2016

Reliant Technology - DOD Data WipeWiping the data on your storage arrays is paramount before you decide to sell or get rid of that hardware. Data wiping ensures that all your organization’s proprietary information, financials, and customer data is no longer accessible.

Protecting your organization’s data, especially if you have compliance regulations to meet, isn’t as easy as pushing the “delete” button. If you clear the drive in a traditional manner, that data is still accessible by a data recovery expert.

So, what should you do instead? Data wiping is the best solution for protecting your organization’s data. Data wiping goes beyond reformatting hard drives. Instead, data wiping deletes all the information on your hard drive. Data wiping also leaves the hard drives usable after the wipe is complete. This allows you to sell or trade-in the used drives for future use.

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Data Wiping 101

Asset Recovery & ITAD   •   February 17, 2016

Reliant Technology - Data Wiping

The security of your organization’s data is a top priority. Whether it is your business' customer and employee information, financials, or  other data, you'll want to make sure that data is secure. So, when it comes to Asset Recovery, one of the things that you will want to consider is data wiping.

So, how do you get rid of that data securely and still make it so the drives are reusable for resale? That’s where data wiping comes in. But, what exactly is data wiping and how would it work for your organization?

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Why You Should Care About IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)

Asset Recovery & ITAD   •   February 8, 2016

Reliant Technology - Why You Should Care About ITAD

Asset Recovery, or IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) is not the most glamorous aspect of a data center. Getting the shiny, brand new technology in your data center is definitely far more exciting to many. However, proper IT Asset Management provides your IT department an opportunity to generate revenue from equipment that you don’t even use anymore. Furthermore, ITAD is a key aspect of protecting your organization from potential lawsuits. Bet you didn’t think that

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