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Supporting legacy systems is not always considered to be a particularly important component of IT operations. That is because older systems are ignored and new infrastructure is used to support your applications and services. Even so, your legacy systems can be a great way to maximize your budget as they can meet the vital requirements of your data center. If you want to maximize the return on your hardware investment, find a data center hardware support plan that will not only prioritize your maintenance strategies but also focus on your legacy systems.

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New Gartner Report Explains Benefits of Third-Party Maintenance

IT Budget Savings   •   October 9, 2019

The IT service management company Gartner recently released a report detailing how third-party maintenance providers are best equipped to provide solutions that result in cost savings with optimum results. The report names a few key points that show third-party maintenance is a great way to save on your budget and free up resources to fund other initiatives or the business. Here are the main points as outlined by Gartner:

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7 Hacks that Help IT Pros Save Time

IT Budget Savings   •   September 27, 2019

by Reid Smith-Vaniz, CEO, Reliant Technology

No one has any time, here’s how you can get back 100+ hours.

Hack #1: Kill the refresh project

The refresh project is a huge time-suck. Think about all the time it takes to plan, buy, install, migrate, decommission, sell the equipment associated with a refresh. From vendor meetings to negotiating, it can take 100’s of hours to complete one refresh.

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1. How Do You Define Data Center Hardware Maintenance?

One of the biggest problems with defining maintenance is that many vendors have different definitions. It can become confusing when you’re presented with a myriad of offerings all purporting to offer data center hardware maintenance services. The truth is, in many cases, these solutions are offering you just a portion of the functionality required to give companies a true data center hardware maintenance customer experience.

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The Real Cost of Reactive Upgrades

IT Budget Savings   •   May 7, 2019

“Reduce cost, increase functionality and improve business operations” is the battle cry of many businesses. IT is continuously battling a world of infrastructure components and applications while also dealing with a myriad of old and new technologies. Adding complication, everyone's an expert and has not only an opinion, but “the” solution. Obsolete hardware just adds another hazard to the mix.

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7 Mistakes Savvy CIO's Don't Make When Negotiating with the OEM

IT Budget Savings   •   April 15, 2019

By paying attention to the details, and managing the process, you have the opportunity to recognize significant rewards. Just as any project, this one takes time, focus and attention. A savvy IT Leader will not allow these mistakes to jeopardize the maintenance negotiations.

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5 Ways to Upgrade Your ITAM Software

Lifecycle Planning   •   February 11, 2019

It’s not easy meeting the ever-changing requirements of the business to keep everything running without issues, while also staying within a tight budget and keeping a keen eye on uptime. Efficiently running a data center in 2019 is no small feat. One way to get ahead of any surprises in your data center is to use top of the line ITAM software to monitor all of your IT assets.

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VNX Product Lifecycle Planning Tips

EMC   •   August 17, 2017

EMC VNX end of life planning tipsHave you tried to decipher EMC VNX support for Gen 1 systems? The process is made nearly impossible thanks to the vague end of life terminology. Trying to determine when your support is ending is made even more complicated by variables beyond your control. From the essential EMC VNX support to any extended support options, your product support life cycle varies greatly. You also want to have a backup plan for support after your support ends.

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IT Lifecycle Planning: 3 Tips You Need to Know

Lifecycle Planning   •   August 1, 2017

reliant reading list tabletAs the old saying goes, “those who fail to plan, plan to fail”. This quote is true for many things in life, including when it comes to managing your IT assets. There are few constants in the world of IT, but one thing that you can almost count on is the OEM declaring your IT hardware EOL while it still works for you. And with IT budget growth slowing down...

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Managing your network means understanding the product lifecycle of your Cisco equipment. There are 4 Cisco milestones you should be aware of. They are End of Life (EOL), End of Sale (EOS), End of New Service (EoNS) and Last Date of Support (LDoS). Comprehending each of these milestones will allow you to plan for the future.

Planning for these dates helps you reduce the risk of downtime and increase savings. So, what do each of these product lifecycle milestones mean for your Cisco equipment.

End of Life

Let’s say Cisco has just announced that your specific piece of equipment is EOL. The good thing about that is...

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