Brocade Switch Leads Best Q1 Ever

Fibre channel manufacturers posted record breaking numbers in Q1, vaunting the most successful revenue number ever for fibre channel SAN technology.

According to the Dell’Oro Group, fibre channel switch revenues surpassed previous records to set a new revenue record of more than $476 million in the first quarter of 2012.

Momentum Continues for FC Switches

The Dell’Oro report, which also outlines emerging SAN trends and future expectations for fibre channel technology, predicted that fibre channel switch infrastructure products will continue perform well in the second half of 2012.

Citing momentum from market leaders Brocade and Cisco, as well as increasing data demands, the Dell’Oro Group expects to see prolonged growth in fibre channel SAN hardware.

Brocade Switch Technology Leads Fibre Channel Charge

Recording just short of $340 million in revenue, Brocade experienced their best ever quarter for fibre channel switch revenue in the first calendar quarter of 2012.

Recent enhancements and additions to Brocade switch technology have helped the enterprise to continue to gain momentum. With the recent release of new switches like the Brocade 6505 fibre channel switch, Brocade had added greater power and simplicity to provide a better end user experience.

For example, the Brocade 6505 is a powerful entry-level switch. The SAN switch supports 16 Gbps and is backwards compatible to support 2, 4, 8, and 16 Gbps technology. To reduce the time it takes to discover SAN fabric issues, the 6505 is equipped with Diagnostic Port (D_Port) that identifies optic and cable problems. This addition will help SAN administrators reduce the time necessary to diagnose fabric issues and increase ease of management.

Such user-friendly features and advancements suggest that Brocade and CISCO MDS switches and directors will continue to post strong numbers with their innovative advancements.

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