Brocade Products Win Awards

Brocade has produced several award-worthy products in the eyes of Storage magazine. In the 2011 Product of the Year competitions organized by the magazine, Brocade brought home three product finalist awards.


The DCX 8510 Backbone, the 1860 Fabric Adaptor and the 6510 SAN Switch all received recognition as product finalists in the networking equipment category, which included switches, network interface cards, HBAs, and security devices.

The following Brocade hardware products were all 2011 Product of the Year Finalists:

    • Brocade 6510 SAN switch: The Brocade 6510 SAN switch supports up to 16 Gbps FC and offers 24, 36, or 48 ports. The SAN switch allows an enterprise to purchase more ports as they grow, providing increased scalability to help manage future data growth.

The 6510 SAN switch is also backwards compatible, helping enterprises make a smooth and gradual transition to 16 Gbps. Improved performance, application acceleration capabilities, and greater bandwidth make the Brocade 6510 SAN switch a powerful and affordable enterprise option.

    • Brocade DCX 8510 Backbone: The DCX 8510 is a Brocade backbone switch that supports 2, 4, 8, 10, and 16 Gbps FC. Holding eight vertical blades, the 8510 can scale up to 384 ports and is built to enable data growth through greater scalability.

Providing 99.999% uptime, the DCX backbone is as reliable and efficient as it is scalable. The DCX 8510 is 15% more energy efficient than its competitors, has a chassis bandwidth of 8.2 Tbps and can switch 420 million frames per second.

    • Brocade 1860 Fabric Adapter: The Brocade 1860 is a fabric adapter supporting 16 Gbps Fibre Channel, iSCSI, and 10 Gb Ethernet protocols. Users can choose which protocol they would like to use on a port-by-port basis, which allows for greater flexibility as one adapter can be used for multiple protocols.

The Brocade fabric adapter is a product which combines an HBA, a converged network adaptor and a network interface card into one unit to consolidate and simplify fabric management. Built to handle the most demanding environments, the 1860 Fabric Adapter can achieve over 1 million IOPS per dual-port adapter.

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