Brocade DCX 8510 FAQ

Brocade’s award winning director, the Brocade DCX 8510, was a heralded finalist in the 2011 Product of the Year awards by Storage magazine.

Despite the recognition the SAN director has received, many enterprises don’t fully realize how the product can improve their SAN fabric.


Here are 3 frequently asked questions about the Brocade DCX 8510:

    1. What exactly is Brocade DCX 8510 Backbone?

As one of the most powerful Brocade directors, the DCX provides a powerful infrastructure for demanding, high-performance environments. The Brocade director is ideal for applications with intense I/O and bandwidth requirements.

The Brocade backbone is a director switch that supports 2, 4, 6, 8, and 16 Gbps Fibre Channel and was created to handing the most demanding workloads. The DCX director has a chassis bandwidth of 8.2 Tbps and can switch 420 million frames per second.

    1. Can the Brocade DCX 8510 Backbone help us reduce downtime in our SAN fabric?

Citing 99.999% uptime, the 8510 is as reliable as it is powerful.

This impressive switching infrastructure reduces downtime because the Brocade DCX 8510 does not need to be taken offline when a blade failure occurs.

When a blade fails, the individual blade can be replaced without taking the entire director offline. Inconvenient downtime is prevented because the switching infrastructure stays operational even when failures occur.

    1. Can the Brocade DCX 8510 accommodate our predicted growth?

Built for expanding SAN environments, the DCX 8510 provides the scalability needed to manage explosive data growth. The Brocade director supports eight vertical blades and scales up to 384 ports.

The director also provides a unified management system to simplify management and help reduce administrative costs as your SAN fabric grows.

The DCX 8510 is one of the industry’s most powerful SAN directors, providing greater scalability, a powerful switching infrastructure, and impressive reliability.

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