VNX Benefits


As the popularity of the EMC VNX series continues to grow, there is lots of talk about the benefits of Unified Storage, flexible platforms, and greater scalability.


The EMC VNX System:

The EMC VNX series merges the functions of both the EMC CLARiiON and EMC Celerra storage products into a simple, flexible, easy to use platform. The EMC VNX is more scalable than other storage platforms because it provides storage capabilities for both block and file storage, while the EMC CLARiiON provides block storage, and the EMC Celerra provides file data storage.

Additional benefits of the EMC VNX system include the following:

  • As stated above, with the EMC VNX series, you can start with Block-only or NAS-only storage and upgrade to Unified Storage, or simply deploy with Unified Storage
  • The EMC VNX has more cache, more front end ports, and faster CPUs than the EMC CLARiiON CX4.
  • The EMC VNX series has 6gb SAS point-to-point switched backend, while the EMC CLARiiON CX4 has 4gb FC-Arbitrated Loop backend busses.
  • The EMC VNX series can support both 3.5” and 2.5” SAS Drives in varieties including SSD, SAS, and NearLine-SAS.
  • The VNX can support data services like deduplication, Block QoS, Compression, FASTVP, and FASTCache, as well as features available on the EMC CLARiiON systems.
  • The VNX series can handle larger FASTCache configurations.

Last, the EMC VNX has simple licensing ‘packages,’ while the EMC CLARiiON CX4 only allows end users to purchase individual licensing software products. The EMC VNX has five simple Feature Packs:

  • FAST Suite Pack provides FASTCache, Block QoS, FASTVP, and Unisphere Analyzer.
  • Remote Protection Pack includes RecoverPoint/CRR for CDP remote replication of block and file storage, and Synchronous and Asynchronous replication for block and file storage.
  • Local Protection Pack provides Snapshots for block and file, RecoverPoint/CDP, and full copy clones.
  • Security and Compliance Pack provides File Level Retention for the encryption of both block and file storage.
  • Application Protection Pack includes Replication Manager for application integrated replication, as well as Data Protection Advisor for SLA based replication, reporting, and monitoring.

The VNX series also offers a Total Protection Pack, which combines the Local Protection, Remote Protection, and Application packs at a discounted price. The Total Efficiency Pack provides all five of the software packages to simplify you software purchases.

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