Hardware Spotlight: Brocade DCX

The Brocade DCX Backbone made its mark on the storage industry by delivering unprecedented functionality and ease of use, allowing SAN manager to upgrade their SAN fabric and improve application performance.


A winner of multiple storage awards and accolades, the Brocade DCX hardware is ideal for enterprises looking to optimize performance, simplify management and design of their fabric, and increase their overall energy efficiency.


Recommended as a product upgrade for the End-of-Life Brocade 48000 SAN director, the Brocade DCX line combines scalability and speed to create award-winning switching hardware.

With scalability up to 512 ports and 256 Gbps of throughput per port, the Brocade DCX Backbone is a powerful tool that provides greater virtualization, SAN consolidation, and application performance.

The DCX offers compatibility for multiple protocols using up to eight individual blades that are compatible with Fibre Channel, Fibre Channel over IP (FCIP), 10 Gig Ethernet, and Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) protocols.

With one of the fastest switching infrastructures on the market, the Brocade SAN director provides options for local switching to reduce latency as well as decrease overall energy expenses. To help increase cost savings, the DCX director is advantageous for companies who want to reduce energy costs by using less than .5 watts per Gbps.


Since its release in 2008, the highly-acclaimed DCX Backbone has received numerous awards for performance, speed, and energy efficiency.

Receiving high marks in the Networking Equipment category, the DCX Backbone received a Silver award in the SearchStorage 2008 Product of the Year awards. Two years later, the DCX was awarded the Best of Tech-Ed award for the Hardware and Storage category.


The Brocade DCX Backbone, DCX blades, replacement parts, and upgrades are all widely available on both the new and used market.

While new DCX director price points can begin in the low six figures, used and refurbished Brocade DCX backbones can often be found for up to 70% savings from a variety of third-party storage vendors.

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