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Companies charge IT departments with finding more ways to cut costs and increase the efficiency of their department. While there are many ways to cut costs, one aspect that is frequently overlooked is IT Asset Management. And since procuring new technology is infinitely more exciting than figuring out what to do with the old ones, this potential revenue source is often a missed opportunity.

Asset recovery pumps revenue back into your IT budget and data center and allows you to have more flexibility in where to spend your IT budget, whether on new projects, upgrading your existing equipment, or simply giving your budget a bit more cushion. However, it’s paramount to have a well-managed IT asset disposition (ITAD) strategy to avoid potential risks, such as a data breach, while still reaping the benefits of more revenue. So, what do organizations need to consider to create a well-defined asset recovery plan?

1) Data Security

When looking at IT asset management options, make sure that you follow the necessary compliance certifications for your organization. Whether you have to ensure HIPAA, PCI, NIST, or other compliance, you need to make sure that your data is protected. Make sure that the organization you choose to use for your ITAD needs meets the standards of DOD5220.22M or NIST 800-88 data wipe. Don’t forget to make sure that your data erasure and sanitization provider gives you a certificate of erasure that includes part numbers and serial numbers to confirm that the hard drives have been erased under the required regulatory guidelines.

2) Cost, Risk, & Maximizing Your ROI

Another important factor to consider when choosing an ITAD provider is the cost, risk, and how you can maximize the ROI on your IT assets. Keeping unused or surplus data center equipment stored away in a closet or warehouse does nothing to provide any value for your organization, and the longer that equipment sits unused, the less return value it will be able to provide. So, once you have decided that you are going to remove the equipment, go ahead and reach out to your asset recovery provider to get the best return on your equipment. The best providers will be able to provide packaging and shipping for the equipment you’re removing. Additionally, if you choose a quality asset recovery partner, they will be able to provide pricing for your surplus IT assets quickly by using market intelligence to give you the best market value for your equipment. Don’t choose an asset management partner that makes you wait for pricing, because the longer the equipment sits there, the lower its value will be.

3) Green Policy & Recycling

Another available option for IT asset management is to recycle your equipment. However, be careful and make sure that you perform a data erasure on any equipment that may contain confidential data prior to recycling it. So make sure that the same rules of data sanitization as stated above apply to any equipment with confidential data on it.

Want to Learn More?

Due to the rapid advancement of technologies, storage, server, and networking equipment is coming out of data centers at a faster rate than ever before. Your company can no longer ignore IT asset management or put off until the last minute. Make sure that your asset recovery strategy is well-defined so that when the time comes for you to put your equipment to rest, you get the most bang for your buck.

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