By Kyle Christopher

EMC StorageYou know the old saying, “Junk in, junk out.” It’s true when it comes to your storage as well. If you don’t properly plan and size your project in advance, you may find yourself going back to ask for more storage and gasp, more money. I’m here to help you avoid that situation. So I put together this handy, dandy blog with a free eBook for you to download.

Here are 3 questions you should always ask when sizing your EMC storage projects.

Question #1: What are my detailed performance requirements?

You need to consider things like raw versus usable storage once your RAID is configured and formatted. Raw storage isn’t going to do you much good if your RAID groups are using the majority of the storage your going to be using. So it’s better to look at what usable storage you are going to need and plan for that.

Question #2: Do I have enough storage processing capacity?

Most IT pros aren’t paying attention to storage processors unless there is a problem. Rightly so. So you’ll want to plan for present and future processing needs. Consider the impact of the disk subsystem on the storage processors. A lot of storage admins too often ask the question, “How many disks can this system support” while failing to account for whether or not their performance requirements will push the processors to the limit.

Question #3: Can my backup system handle the increase in data?

How often are you backing up data and will your backup system be able to handle it? Estimate the amount of data storage that will required. Take into account any deduplication capability of your backup servers and storage. Consider the backup window. Will you have enough time and throughput to be able to backup what is required within the window allotted?

The eBook goes into more detail and will help you understand your requirements before you make a purchasing decision.

Ask the right questions, know your detailed performance requirements, assess present and future storage needs and determine whether your backup system can handle the increase in data.

CLICK HERE to download the eBook now. Or contact Reliant. We’ll provide you with a free 15-minute assessment and provide you with information on ways to get the capacity and performance you need.