Storage Spotlight: The VNX 5300

By Kyle Christopher

The EMC VNX 5300 is a highly scalable storage array combining enterprise-class capabilities for block, file, and object storage. The 5300 is equipped with Intel Xeon 5600 processors, the EMC VNX5300 scales up to 125 drives for up to 240 terabytes of raw storage capacity.

Efficient & Powerful

The VNX is a high-performance platform for consolidating block storage, file servers, and any direct-attached application storage. The VNX operating environment allows Microsoft Windows, Linux, and UNIX clients to share data in multi-protocol environments (CIFS/NFS). The EMC VNX 5300 enables Fibre Channel (FC), iSCSI, and FCoE access for block applications. The VNX platform is powered by dual Quad-Core Xeon 5600 series processors with a 6 Gb/s SAS architecture.

Pre-owned Options

Depending on your performance and application needs, refurbished EMC and used EMC systems and upgrades are available. You should consider all your options before investing, however. The VNX may or may not be the best fit for your environment. Additionally, the majority of the functionality you might find with VNX is also available in the CX4 series from EMC, such as Fibre Channel and iSCSI connectivity as well as NAS and IP functionalities.

Warranty & Support

Third-party maintenance and support can extend the life of your current hardware. We realize that some traditional VARs out there are warning folks about buying pre-owned hardware or third-party maintenance. Among the reasons: the pending apocalypse. Reliant Technology offers a 1 Year Next Business Day parts replacement warranty and 9-5 phone support on used hardware. Extended warranties and 24x7x4 onsite hardware support are also available.

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