By Kyle Christopher

Perhaps you’ve been considering an upgrade from your EMC CLARiiON system to the VNX.

Deciding when to upgrade your EMC CLARiiON system involves a number of considerations, especially with respect to cost and whether you actually need the technology offered by EMC VNX.

Here are four scenarios to consider when weighing your upgrade options. Be sure to download the free eBook at the end of this article to get more information.

1. Scenario #1: You want to keep your Fibre Channel and SATA drive capacity.

In this scenario, you would want to keep your CLARiiON for as long as you can. Fibre Channel and SATA drives are not an option with VNX, which means you may end up spending more money on drives. VNX is only compatible with SAS or Flash drives. If keeping your CLARiiON in your production environment is not ideal for you, maybe consider repurposing that array for backup or DR. Another option is sell or trade that system to help you obtain the newer hardware you need.

2. Scenario #2: You are trying to avoid costly maintenance and support.

A lot of enterprises consider upgrading simply to avoid paying sky-high maintenance costs. In short, this is a mistake. Your decision to upgrade should not be influenced by maintenance costs, especially when you can find very affordable third-party hardware maintenance (as much as 40% or more) that meet your SLAs.

3. Scenario #3: You need the most powerful system on the market.

In this case you will obviously want to go with the VNX. EMC VNX is one the most powerful mid-range systems on the market with a 6Gb/s backend, a greater front-end port count and up to 10 Gbps bandwidth speeds.

4. Scenario #4: You want unified storage.

EMC CLARiiON only provides block storage, while the VNX is designed to do more. VNX gives you the ability to have block, file and object storage within one unit. In addition, VNX gives you flexible and intuitive hardware that gives you the ability to achieve greater productivity with simpler management tools.

Interested in learning more? Download this free eBook - Should You Upgrade Your EMC CLARiiON to VNX? This eBook will go into more depth and help you make an informed decision about the right fit for your future SAN storage needs.