Amazon Cloud CriticizedA Greenpeace report has singled out Amazon as having the “dirtiest cloud” services. The report also praised Apple, Facebook and Google for “significant improvements” in energy transparency and their attempts to move to 100% renewable energy. According to the report into the green credentials of tech firms, Greenpeace noted that Amazon Web Services (AWS) only uses 15% clean energy.

Amazon hit back, branding the report “inaccurate”.

As data has grown exponentially, so has the electricity demand of internet and cloud services according to the report.

You can click here to view the full Greenpeace report.

According to the BBC, electricity demands are “expected to increase by 60% or more by 2020 as reliance on the internet increases.”

Mike McElwain, here at Reliant, weighed in. “Apple was also criticized by Greenpeace [in the 2010 report], but they’ve turned things around, and crushed it with 75% renewable energy use at the end of 2012.”

Good point, Mike.

McElwain also mentioned that for a lot of midsize businesses, green energy will eventually become a priority, even if it isn’t right now. “As data continues to grow on all levels, so will energy consumption. It’s a given. Data centers need to start looking at the future now.”

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