Lesson to Learn from IBM's 120PB Storage System

IBM   •   September 21, 2011

Big Data

Word is circulating that IBM is constructing the largest and most elaborate data storage system to date for a yet unknown client. The 120PB storage system, containing 200,000 disk drives, is rumored to hold approximately a trillion files.

Beyond the budget of mere mortals, the colossal data storage system is expected to be a model for future generations of storage systems.

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Healthcare Industry Faces Big Data, Rising Costs

IT Budget Savings   •   September 20, 2011

Healthcare Computer

The healthcare industry is facing an alarming IT growth rate, primarily initiated by recent health care legislation and reform. Two recent reform measures, both implementing and expanding electronic health records, threaten to swamp the current data storage methods if changes are not made.

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Hot Rods and Storage Arrays

IT Budget Savings   •   September 19, 2011

Hot Rod Trophy

I know — it’s a stretch, but stay with me on this for a minute.

Every weekend across the good ole USA, there’s a car show. For car enthusiasts, chrome and steel fuse with heart and soul and bring chill bumps to the crustiest of characters.

It’s a place where tried and true is treasured; a place where enduring quality is universally appreciated.

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IBM Storage Savings

So you've been working with your certified IBM business partner for 15 years, and it's been a very pleasant relationship. After all, IBM VARs are great for consulting you through a project, providing the necessary hardware and software, helping you implement the solution, and supporting that solution afterwards.

However, on this particular occasion, you just want to add some capacity to one of your existing storage systems without having to pay the typical premiums associated with that level of service. You need it quickly, and you don't think it should be a big ordeal.

Fortunately, you're already on the right track. Here are three easy ways to add capacity without the budgetary pains of services and additional maintenance.

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EMC Storage Capacity Planning - 7 Considerations

IT Budget Savings   •   July 19, 2011

EMC Storage Planning

Without proper storage capacity management, it is impossible to keep pace with the massive data growth of today’s EMC storage environments. Here are 7 things to consider when formulating a capacity planning strategy or deciding their current and future needs when purchasing a storage system.

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5 Tips To Avoid Storage Installation Nightmares

How-To, Guides, & Tips    •   June 6, 2011

Storage Hardware Installation

So you’ve found a hardware vendor who understands your needs, sized an appropriate storage solution, and acquired signatures for the project. Now you can breathe a sigh of relief, right?

Not quite.

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IBM Tape Library TS3500

In the datacenter, the tape library is the ultimate lifeline to combat data loss and data corruption. Tape’s reliability with today’s LTO5 media and off-line status is essential, since tape isn’t as vulnerable to lightning-fast overwrites and corruption.

IBM’s recently announced expansion of the TS3500 Tape Library improves the capability of the IBM Total Storage Tape Library, allowing companies to improve their EMC, IBM, and NetApp environment’s backups and reliability.

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Creative Data: Facebook's Glowing Example [Video]

IT Budget Savings   •   April 26, 2011

facebook icon

When IT departments face budget shortfalls for necessary capacity, sometimes the only way to bridge the gap is to change the way you think about your data. For some, it’s creatively using hardware and repurposing legacy equipment. For others, it’s managing the way data is stored by creating accountability and management at the user level. Regardless, getting the most out of your budget requires a thorough and creative examination of your business’ environment and asking—how can we do this more effectively and at a lower cost per terabyte?

Today, we went to share an organization that exemplifies the creative ways we help our customers repurpose equipment, get more TB’s for their budget, and do more with less. The company, Facebook, is no secret—but their lesser known Open Compute Project is an example of how a company can think outside of the box (and outside of the traditional vendor offerings) to get more computing power and more storage at a much more affordable price. Here's the video:

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SAN Upgrade

Replacing or upgrading your existing storage array can be a daunting task, since the performance and availability of your business applications hang on what system you decide to use.

Be sure to choose a system or system upgrade that accommodates both short term and long term strategies for growth. While there is no perfect choice as trade-offs exist in all storage offerings, there are several questions you can ask yourself to help guide you in the decision-making process.

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IBM DS4800 as a Disaster Recovery Platform

IBM   •   February 11, 2011

A disruption of your business processes could leave your entire business exposed. Today's companies face escalating customer demands and expectations—there is no room for downtime.

The goal of thorough disaster protection planning is to protect the applications that run your business and minimize unplanned downtime. However, one important consideration is that all planning for any type of a disaster-tolerant solution is always subject to balancing the solution versus the downtime versus the cost.

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