Reliant Technology VMworldBy Reid Smith-Vaniz

Good morning from VMworld! This place really is a world of its own! Wtih 22,000 people, VMworld is a hugely popular event and for good reason. Here are 9 reasons that VMworld has become such a massive event in the IT world. 

1. VMworld is the largest IT infrastructure conference.  With scale comes knowledge, growth and progress.

2. VMworld is 10 years old, building momentum for years.

3. VMware is becoming the heartbeat of the datacenter, and with that heartbeat, all infrastructure personnel take an interest in what they have to say.

4. The future of the datacenter is shifting to convergence and VMware is a key player. People want to understand where that is going.

5. Latest trends from VMware, such as vSAN and VMware NSX for network virtualization.

6. Gain an understanding of the vision for software defined data center, where the applications are uninhibited by the infrastructure.

7. Networking between vendors, customers and partners is essential for profits, growth and results.

8. (Relatively) cheaper training. Though the training is informal, IT staff can spend hours in hands-on labs working with new or existing products.

9. To get free stuff. Vendors are always giving away stuff, from $1000 gift cards, to free back massages. :)

If you're here and would like to connect, comment below or shoot me a tweet @ReidSV!