I am currently 30,000 feet above Oklahoma on my way out to San Francisco for VMWorld 2013. As the CEO of Reliant Technology, some people might be wondering why the heck a CEO is going out to a tech conference in San Francisco for 4+ days. To relax? To play Golf? Hardly . . .

Reliant buys and sells a heck of a lot of used storage equipment and support, and our goal is to be the #1 choice for end users to upgrade, enhance and maintain storage infrastructure. What we've realized is that VMWare is an important part of that equation. 

Here is why we are going.

1. To understand how VMWare and its partner ecosystem are hoping to change, simplify and affect storage over the next 1 - 5 years.

2. To understand what partners are doing and how those partners offerings may be strategic partnerships or long-term offers that fold into our strategy.

3. To talk to a lot of our customers and learn what they think the future holds and why.

4. We think we'll be able to drum up some business by finding customers who need more storage but don't have enough cash to buy what they really need.

5. We want our engineering team to be on the front line by learning, growing and sharing that information with our customers to drive results.

Reliant is working everyday to make storage easy. We make upgrading systems easy. We make selling older equipment easy. We make getting quotes easy. We make storage management and getting answers easy. If we can learn some insights that help us move closer to that goal, we’ll win and so will our customers.

By the way, if you are at VMWorld and would like to meet me (Reid) and discuss one of these topics, call 877-227-0828 and leave a message with your contact info. I'll reach out to you right away.