Reliant Technology - 5 Ways to Save on EMC Hardware Costs

Data demands continue to grow exponentially, but IT budgets don’t often follow at the same pace. You may feel it’s impossible to keep your data center equipment up to demand and under budget. EMC hardware and support from the OEM can be expensive, but Reliant Technology can help you find ways to save money while maintaining a standard of performance and service. So, what are some of the ways you can save money on EMC hardware and support?

1. Upgrade Your Existing EMC arrays

One of the quickest, most simple, and least expensive ways to increase data capacity is to upgrade your existing EMC storage system. However, new equipment can be expensive, and you may not need the newest model in your data center. Certified pre-owned EMC hardware is a great way to get the latest upgrades at the highest quality at up to 70% off EMC retail prices.

What’s Available?

You can find completely configured EMC arrays, DAEs, Spare Drives, & Upgrade Components on the used market. So, whether you’re looking to upgrade your VNX2, VNX, VNXe, CLARiiON, Data Domain, Celerra, or Isilon arrays, we have you covered!

Looking for Something in Particular?

Create a “wish list” of equipment that you want, or talk to one of our EMC storage specialists and they will find you the best prices on certified pre-owned EMC hardware.

2. Looking for a Short-Term EMC Solution? Don’t Buy, Rent!

Don’t have the budget for a brand new storage array? Need extra storage for seasonal requirements? Renting EMC hardware allows you to get the storage boost you need without having to pay the total cost of ownership for an array.

What are some other reasons you could choose to rent a EMC array?

■ Rent “swing gear” for your data if you’re upgrading or relocating
■ Emergency capacity while you wait for your bigger budget to kick in
■ Try before you buy -  test some new equipment to see if it’s a good fit for your needs

3. Maintain Your Post-Warranty arrays with Third-Party Support

Do you have arrays that are moving off of EMC’s warranty? OEM support costs spike after the initial warranty ends,  but third-party support offers maintenance for post-warranty EMC equipment, providing equal coverage without breaking the bank.

Third-party maintenance also offers comprehensive and flexible SLAs, so you can pick and choose the coverage level you really need. Many third-party support vendors can maintain systems from multiple manufacturers on one coterminous contract.  So, whether you are just an EMC shop, or have equipment from other manufacturers such as NetApp, IBM, Hitachi, and others in your data center, you can get the highest quality of support for any or all of your equipment, at a fraction of the cost of OEM support.

4. Repurpose & Extend the Life of Older Systems

If you’ve recently refreshed your EMC hardware to a newer generation, you may be wondering what to do with the legacy EMC array you just refreshed. Your legacy EMC hardware can still provide value for your organization in other capacities such as a lab environment or archive storage.

What are some of the ways you can repurpose or get more value out of your legacy EMC equipment? 

■ Lab Environment: You can use your legacy EMC array to test out technologies that you may want to implement in your production environment later.
■ Archive Storage: You can use your legacy EMC array for archival storage to host data that needs to be archived and not accessed frequently.

5. Trade-In Your Surplus or Pre-Owned EMC Gear

Why spend money when you can make money? Asset Recovery programs allow you to get cash, credit, or trade-in value for your EMC equipment by selling your disk drives, DAEs, and arrays. Selling your unused data center hardware can help off-set the cost of future hardware upgrades.

You can trade-in more than just EMC too! Reliant Technology’s Trade-In & Buyback Program allows you to sell or trade-in your storage, server, and networking equipment from multiple manufacturers. So, if you’re looking to upgrade your EMC array, you can get an asset valuation for any surplus or pre-owned equipment in your data center, from brands such as NetApp, Cisco, Brocade, IBM, and more.

Ready to Start Saving?

As the World’s #1 Reseller of Certified Pre-Owned Storage Hardware & Support, Reliant Technology can help you find ways to save money on EMC hardware and support. For more ways to save on EMC hardware, reach out to one of our EMC storage specialists at 1.877.227.0828.