By Kyle Christopher4 Ways Backup to Disk Can Save Your Data (And Your Job)

As we discussed previously in our blog on 5 Ways to Reuse Legacy Storage Arrays, a majority of the IT marketplace is interested in implementing backup-to-disk solutions. The reason is simple: The issue of backup and recovery is personal. If your servers are slow you may lose time, but if your servers fail and you don’t have a backup solution in place, you could lose your job. That’s why it’s best to think about it now and do whatever it takes to get some type of backup solution in place. Even a temporary fix such as a storage rental will save you in the event that your servers fail.
Here are the 4 advantages of backup-to-disk solutions.

1. Speed

One of the main advantages of backup-to-disk is the speed at which backups can be performed to the disk. It’s roughly four times faster than your SCSI (SAS) connected tape drives. The result is shorter backup windows, which increases the window for processing.

2. De-Duplication

De-duplication takes place either at the source or at the destination. De-duplication at the source is faster. De-duplication requires less disk space as it stores only one copy of a file.

3. Compression

Compression allows you to store more data on less disk space. For example, with backup-to-disk in place, you can usually store around 30 TB of compressed and de-duplicated data on a disk with only 5 TB of raw disk space.

4. Disaster Recovery

This is what keeps you up at night. You have data that your business cannot run without. If your server goes, so does your data and possibly your job. It's not worth the risk. Disaster Recovery is simple and affordable to get in place nowadays with a storage rental or pre-owned gear. The cost savings are enormous. And so are the job savings.

Conclusion: Save your data, your job as well as time and money. It’s easy to find a very quick and workable solution. Plus, you no longer have to pay the high prices on EMC or NetApp drives. We’re here to help. Feel free to comment below or chat with us online.