3 Steps to a Successful Team-Oriented CultureIT Departments are faced with the increasing demands of taxed resources and ever-growing data. A culture of teamwork is essential to taking your department from good to great. These three essential steps will get your department functioning like a well-oiled machine, with each part working as efficiently as possible. Hint: It’s all about culture.

As data demands increase, so does your stress level. The key to a fun and productive IT culture is all about team values. Here’s how we have made these values successful at Reliant. It did not happen overnight. We had to work at it. Here are the steps it will take to get your department there.

Create Team Values

Creating your values must come from the IT team itself. The leader will largely serve as a facilitator and listener. The team should be empowered to define their values. After all, they’re the ones that will put them into practice. Our IT team at Reliant is set up in a way that allows maximum efficiency for our customers, down to the layout of the office. For example, our engineers and storage buyers are strategically seated in the middle of our office. This allows our onsite storage consultants direct access to technical issues facing our customers as well as quick response finding the equipment our customers need. More importantly, good teamwork means having the right people on the team to assess our customers’ needs. For example, our onsite buyer is solely responsible for finding high quality data storage at discount prices. A lot of times, this equipment is brand new, off-lease or used storage that can be repurposed to provide massive discounts to our customers. We work with our customers as well as your current VAR to supplement, rather than replace, your current partners. It is a formula for great success. 

Publish Your Values

There’s something powerful about writing something down. It gets ingrained in our memory. You see it: You come across it on a sheet of paper. At Reliant, we have our core values engraved on the walls. It’s hard to forget them! This results in resourcefulness. We dig down to the root of the problem. We don’t just provide a tactical, temporary fix to a long-term problem. That’s why our buyers, engineers and storage consultants all work together to assess real needs and provide real solutions.

Execute Your Values

Another one of Reliant’s defined core values is “Have fun and get it done.” Time and time again, our customers have come back to us saying how easy it is to work with Reliant. On any given day, you’ll find us out back playing cornhole on the patio, in the game room playing Ping-Pong, or going to lunch together. Each month we have a company get-together in the park. It’s not uncommon to see a customer come into Reliant, enjoying a frosty beverage while discussing and assessing their data storage or maintenance needs. We frequently document the fun over on our Facebook page. We breed an environment that’s easygoing, enjoyable and fun for our employees as well as for our customers.

Have you considered how your culture impacts your department? You have a culture whether or not it is defined. The question is “How will you define it?” This is how we did it at Reliant. Respond with your comments or questions below and our CEO, Reid Smith-Vaniz, will respond directly with feedback.

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