Busting Myths About Used SAN Storage

Leveraging used storage hardware is a great way to innovate and improve your storage environment without the hefty price tag associated with new gear. Used storage hardware is sometimes met with skepticism from those who don’t fully understand the used storage market.

Not sure what’s true?


Here are three myths about used SAN storage that need to be debunked:

    1. Myth #1: Used SAN Storage Is Damaged Hardware.

Truth: Used SAN storage from Reliant is not ‘refurbished’ or physically altered in any way. Reliant fully tests hardware to meet strict standards and wipes disk drives clean of data before shipping equipment to customers.

Dependable storage vendors provide hardware that is as close to the original condition as possible.

    1. Myth #2: The SAN Storage Hardware I Need Isn’t Available on the Used Market.

Truth: More used SAN storage hardware is available now than ever before, including high-quality used EMC, used NetApp, used IBM, used Brocade, and used CISCO MDS equipment.

Top storage vendors in the pre-owned storage market maintain inventories with a wide range of products and brands. Many storage hardware requests can be filled within days, while working with a traditional manufacturer can take weeks or even months to secure new hardware. Often, used storage vendors can provide equipment that even manufacturers are unable to provide without long delays.

    1. Myth #3: Used SAN Storage Doesn’t Come with a Warranty.

Truth: Used SAN storage hardware from many storage vendors comes with a warranty that meets or exceeds the manufacturer warranty.

Reliant has always offered, and will continue to offer, a one-year, overnight replacement warranty on all purchased equipment. Like many other vendors, Reliant provides this standard warranty on all new, used, and refurbished storage hardware.

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